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Ski The East – Electric Slides Season 2 Episode I

Last week STE launched the second season of their backcountry webseries Electric Slides.  If you missed it, click on the picture to see the vid via Ski The East…Enjoy!

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A-Dub Mid Wintahhhh

Andrew Whiteford , East Coast OG has been killing it this year!  Here is his latest edit which basically blew up in a couple of days, 20K views and counting – Those are Tom Wallish type of numbers! – E.

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GMF – Grand Dreams

Louis Stoked!

We’ve been profiling Green Mountain Freeride’s adventures this winter as well as the tragic accident to their member and friend Ryan Hawks.  Green Mountain Freeride is a collection of VT born and raised rippers who are traveling the globe shredding.  Here is an update we received earlier this season from member Louis Erickson and his rare descent of the East Ridge of the Grand Teton. – Erme

Words and Photos: Louis Erickson

The February high pressure period was full of sunny days and sub-zero temperatures, so with our sights set on some big lines, we decided to head up to Teton National Park.

By 6:30 am, I was bumping down the road in Brady’s white pick-up to get our third climbing partner. With our crew assembled, we switched cars and drove from Teton Valley to the park. Upon arrival, we decided to climb and ski the East Ridge of the Grand Teton.

After skinning for two hours up Garnet Canyon and into Surprise Lake we stopped to take a food break and look at the objective ahead.  Half an hour later we were under the East Ridge of the Grand putting on crampons and fueling up with the last of the home-made cookies.  Our ascent was carefully planned as we began up a small choke which led us onto the Eastern ridge, and once we were on the face we began to pick our way through the rock bans.  As we began to get higher on the route snow conditions quickly deteriorated and we encountered rotten snow along with a four inch wind slab.

After some debate we decided to head down from roughly two thirds of the way up the face. While skiing we triggered pockets of wind slab on the steepest pitches of the run…the line definitely had my full and undivided attention.

This ski mountaineering route is a classic and was first pioneered by Rick Hunt and Hans Johnstone in 2006 on their second attempt. Since then only a handful of skiers have attempted this route.  It is probably the longest run off the Grand Teton, and is a very technical climbing route never the less a ski descent.  I cannot wait to get back on this again!

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Stockli VIP Demo Day

Mikey T and Doug workin' the Tent

Words, Photos, and Video: Erme Catino

This past Sunday Skiershop along with Stockli USA held a VIP demo day for friends and rippers in Stowe, VT.  Luckily for the guys, the order for a sunny early spring day came through and people were psyched ripping up the corn on their Stockli Demo’s.

Bowen and the Stormrider 110 TT

Stockli has always been known for burly race construction skis. Next year Stockli will take it’s first venture into the rocker market with the Stormrider 110 TT (tip and tail rocker), and Stormrider 95 (early rise tip). 
But rather than type about the skis – we’ll do that in the fall, we spoke with Stockli’s Jay Bowen about what is on tap for Stockli 2011/2012 (note – video quality is a little low, camera had issues and had to use the phone).

Skiershop Demo Day – Jay Bowen from Erme Catino on Vimeo.

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New Quad for 2011/2012 at Stowe Mountain Resort

The Forerunner Quad at Stowe

Words: Erme Catino

The Forerunner Quad, the bane of existence for some ski bums in Stowe, VT is officially getting a send off this spring.  The “quad” over the course of a few years has been typically shut down due to high winds and icing, so naturally the town is buzzing about the new lift potential.

According to Roberty McEleney, CEO and president of Stowe Mountain Resort, the new lift will feature technology that will enable the lift to run easier in icy conditions.  In addition every night the chairs will be detached and the cable will run a slow speed to avoid icing.  Lastly in an effort to combat high wind days the chairs will be heavier, though the line will still have the same number of chairs.

The new lift is a welcomed addition to the Mansfield Base side of the resort though personally I like the wind-hold pow days, at least there is always the gondi to get shut down…

For the full recap of this press release, visit The Stowe Reporter.

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Japan Through Five Eyes

Video: Five Eyes Films
Words: Erme Catino

This past winter good friend and local videographer Nate Steinbauer fled the hills of Vermont and embarked on a 15 month journey throughout the Pacific with his girlfriend Stephanie.  Last winter Nate was our primary cinematographer for Electric Slides presented by Ski The East.

With a summer spent working on a local vineyard, and moving back in with the folks to save even more loot, the couple set their sights on the Far East and the North Island of Japan in early January.  Japan’s North Island and towns of Niseko and Hakuba are known for incredible amounts of consistent snow, and it seems that now every ski movie has a Japan segment.  With deep pow and terrain strikingly similar to the mountains of Vermont, it really looks like an East Coast fantasy.

Nate and Steph have been documenting their trip through their website, though this is the first installment of their video series.  To see more of their adventures check out:

It is no wonder that with Nate’s video skills combined with Steph’s journalism background they are easily putting together an amazing travel blog.  Enjoy the video, our thoughts and prayers are with Japan.


EASTablished Media Tough Break Episode 4

Video: EASTablished Media
Words: Erme Catino

The crew from EASTablished Media just dropped the latest installment in their Tough Break web-series.  This episode features an appearance by Ross Imburgia and highlights the jib ninjas exploring unique urban features along with some park riding at Stowe Mountain Resort.  The edit also gives a tour of the Raise The Bar and headquarters in Stowe, VT.  Nice work boys!

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Red Bull Cold Rush and FWT Snowbird Highlights

Words: Erme Catino

The Red Bull Cold Rush is about to go down in Silverton, CO.  This unique invite only athlete judged event is hands down one of the raddest contests and is a display of freeskiing in it’s truest form.

This year 13 athletes will be competing (11 Men – Sean Pettit, Dash Longe, Sage, Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, Josh Bibby, Blake Nyman, Rory Bushfield, Kye Peterson, Logan Pehota, and Richard Permin and 2 Women – Suz Grahm and Grete Eliassen).  With a stacked athlete list and incredible terrain, we should see some amazing runs.

Check out the full story on The Cold Rush at ESPN Freeskiing.

Lastly, this past weekend wrapped up the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour in Snowbird, UT.  Peep the Top 3 Finals Men’s runs including Sage Cattabriga-Alosa’s highest scored run of the day.

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GMF Deep Turns and Ryan Hawks Memorial Fund

Words: Erme Catino
Skier: Louis Erickson
Photos: Derek DiLuzio –

Louis Erickson of Green Mountain Freeride just came up for air in Grand Targhee, WY.  These pictures were taken from the last storm cycle…looked tasty!

This past week Green Mountain Freeride members along with other members of the freeski community gathered in Vermont for the passing of Ryan Hawks.  It only seems fitting that everyone scored pow West to East.

Lastly, MSI (Mountain Sports International) has organized a Memorial Fund for Ryan Hawks.  Proceeds to the fund will go to athletes who demonstrate Ryan’s leadership and sense of adventure, and will support their journey in wilderness education, mountain exploration, or contributions to the freeskiing community.

Visit the Ryan Hawks Memorial Fund Site

Enjoy these photos from Louis and Derek DiLuzio, and as Louis says;
Peace, Love, and The Spirit of Skiing.

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March Roaring In Like a Lion

Photo Courtesy of Jay Peak Resort
Words: Erme Catino

I’ll be honest; the past two seasons have been the worst in terms of March snowstorms I have ever witnessed.  In 2009 Stowe mustered around 10 inches, and last year (2010) it was even less than that. 

So it goes without saying that recent history wasn’t in our favor this season, but in typical weather fashion the patterns changed.  Weather experts warned that while we may get some liquid blue in the mix, March and April should provide some snowy outbursts…do they have a crystal ball or something because they were right on this past week!

As the crowds dissipated this past Sunday, a rainy wet weekend miraculously turned into a winter wonderland.  Stowe Mountain Resort received around 2ft+, and Jay Peak a bit more, those who rolled the dice with work were rewarded and the locals chowed down on fresh pow.

Tonight we are expecting some more light snow, though Friday looks a little suspect…this is when you leave your house now and get up here!  March is starting to flex its muscles and hopefully we can stay in line for some more spring storms. 

As always if you need gear, we got you covered.

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