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Get Retro

Our contest, “Retro Rails” in partnership with Liberty skis has been extended an extra week. For more information check out NS and our Contest Page. Get your act together and enter to win a pair of Liberty Antigens!


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Holiday Week Update

Photo Courtesy of Stowe Mountain Resort

We are halfway through the holiday week here in Stowe, Vermont and things are looking better than they did yesterday. During the Christmas holiday the mountain received 8-10 inches of new snow, however yesterday we saw some sleet/freezing rain. The warm-up is now over and it has been snowing off and on all day, in addition there is some light snow moving in for the weekend.

For all you city dwellers, you have two choices. One, stay in the city with the traffic, litter, and overpriced New Years Eve cocktails. Or two, head up to Stowe, VT – shred the mountain, stop by Skiershop, party for New Years in the snowy hills, and have way more fun than those who stayed at home. There is plenty to do in town this week, and even with a mediocre snowpack it beats staying around the city. For more info on happenings in Stowe check out Go Stowe.

Peaceful trails or crowded streets... Photo Courtesy of Stowe Mountain Resort - Photo Taken 12/27

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Holiday Week Outlook

We at Skiershop are pretty psyched – the holiday week is approaching and we finally got some snow!  Today, Friday 12/23 Stowe Mountain Resort received 3-4 inches and the skiing was super fun. While it wasn’t a huge dump, it was much needed and at least makes the landscape white.

If you area heading up to Stowe or Northern Vermont, swing over to Skiershop for any last minute accessories or late presents. Heck, even if you don’t need anything stop by to chat about skiing. Below is the forecast for the upcoming week, looks tasty!


Last Minute Shopping…

Last minute shopping… Then check out the Skiershop Holiday Gift Guide for 2011. Below you will find various holiday themes with suggested gifts – find one that suits you, your family and friends, and get on your merry way! Also, don’t forget we offer free shipping on all orders of $49 or more. Looking to go big – then check out our Holiday Gift Guide – Gear.

Icelantic 2012

Based in Colorado, Icelantic Boards are a unique ski company that have blended the lines of skis, art, and community. Their unique style is something we love at, and we are stoked to offer the full line up of Icelantic Boards for 2012. While the snow has been late to the party, hopefully once it starts it won’t stop until May – so get ready now so you’re not bumming when the storms roll in.

This season Icelantic has based their topsheet designs on animals – here are a sample of skis to view, or click HERE to see the full 2012 line-up.

Gypsy: 152-125-147 / 170cm, 180cm, 190cm.

The Walrus is at home in the Arctic. Meaty, quick, nimble and a fantastic moustache sets this mammal apart – there is much more to him than meets the eye.

In response to market demand, Icelantic is introducing a reverse camber ski that will rock your world. The Gypsy’s nearly symmetrical dimensions (152, 125, 147) enables you to bounce playfully through deep pow, while the soft flex encourages buttering like you’ve never experienced, ultimately transforming the mountain into your personal playground. On hard-pack, the Gypsy engages the entire edge, enabling it to perform like it’s on rails – allowing for true, multi-dimensional skiing. This is no ordinary ski.

When the Tusks show up in your life, its time to reexamine yourself, your talents and the beliefs you carry.

The Walrus is full of surprises and like the Gypsy, is sure to have you rethinking and reexamining what you previously thought.

Keeper: 115-119-138 / 167cm, 178cm, 189cm.

Powerful and strong, the Elk, a regal staple of the western United States mountains represent great strength, power and stamina.

The Keeper’s early rise tip and tail gives its skier the ability to float and slash through bottomless POW – forward and switch like no other. With traditional camber underfoot, the Keeper’s tip and tail rise to the occasion when triggered by the skiers weight allowing for unmatched control and ultra carving. Combine this with Icelantic’s signature side cut and the Keeper transforms from a pure powder ski to a crud bustin, trench carving machine.

When an elk comes into your life, it means that you are about to hit your stride. What are you working towards? Alaska Heliskiing with your Keepers?…… We thought so.

Pilgrim: 127-90-115 / 151cm, 169cm, 179cm.

The salmon’s aim is to overcome all obstacles that present themselves. The Pilgrim is a carving machine. Designed with a soft tail, substantial sidecut and a solid flex, this ski tackles everything from East Coast blue ice to early morning freshies.

For those looking for their first fat ski, this is the way to go. Also extremely popular among tele skiers.

When the salmon appears to you, take a moment to reexamine how you go to where you are, and what is to come because of it.


Click HERE to see the full 2012 line-up from Icelantic at

Chris Davenport and Hugo Harrison Coming to Skiershop

This Saturday please join and Kästle Skis in welcoming Chris Davenport and Hugo Harrison to Stowe, VT.

Chris and Hugo will be at Skiershop (580 Mountain Road Stowe, VT 802-253-9400) at 2:00pm. They will be signing books & posters and speaking with guests prior to heading to The Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center for the 7:00pm movie presentation.

In addition, if you purchase a pair of 2012 Kästle’s you will receive a free Sport Tube – Valid on Saturday only.

Let us know if you can attend HERE.

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Purple City Project – Road to Riches

Skiershop Team Rider Scott Donahue just sent us another early season edit from Mammoth. Check out Scott as he shreds with Parker White, Chris Logan, Nick Miles, Sean Logan, LT, and Bernie Rosow. – Erme Catino

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Retro Rails

Photo Courtesy of Mammoth Mountain - Retro Day

Skiershop is stoked about our Newschoolers Contest: Retro Rails. We are two weeks into the event – have you begun your edit, want some info on what the contest is?

Head over to our NS ContestPage to get the juicy details… Have fun!

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Surface 2012

Surface Team Member - Blake Nyman

Surface is still a relatively new ski company, however you wouldn’t know given how fast they grew. They’re similar to Klint, blew up on the scene and aren’t going away.

Skiershop has been carrying Surface for several years, and we are really stoked to have them as one of our featured brands! Below are a few skis to take a look at, click on either of them or HERE to view our featured brand page for Surface.

Still have questions… Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to chat with you about the gear you’re looking for: 1-800-996-8398.

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Holiday Gift Guide – Gear

We at Skiershop know that searching for deals online can be a time consuming process.
Below is part two of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide – featuring select skis and boots to get you on your merry way! And in case you missed it, here is Part 1.

Frontside Skiing and All Mountain: Kastle MX78Kastle MX88 Kastle RX12Kastle RXSLKlint FringeStockli Laser SkisStockli Stormrider VXLLXLKastle BMX78Kastle BMX88Kastle BMX98Kastle BMX108Kastle FX84Kastle FX94Kastle FX104Stockli Stormrider VXLStockli LXLStormrider 95Stockli Laser SXSurface Watch LifeSurface Double TimeSurface Live LifeIcelantic PilgrimIcelantic NomadIcelantic Nomad SFTIcelantic ShamanIcelantic OracleKlint PrimeHead Peak 84Liberty Helix.

Powder Skiing: Kastle BMX 108Kastle BMX118Kastle BMX128Kastle FX 104Stockli Stormrider 110 TTStormrider ProSurface Live LifeSurface One LifeSurface New LifeIcelantic GypsyIcelantic KeeperLiberty MutantLiberty Double HelixKlint Krypto.

Park Skiing: Klint PipestarKlint PureLiberty LTELiberty AntigenStockli Rotor 84Surface No TimeSurface Double TimeSurface Next TimeSurface My TimeIcelantic PilgrimNordica Dead Money.

Alpine Touring: Avalanche SafetyKastle FX SeriesKastle TX SeriesMarker BaronGecko SkinsMSR Denali PolesKastle Touring Poles.