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Still Skiing…

Video: Courtesy of Jeremy Benson and Colby J. West/Kastle
Words: Erme Catino

Jeremy Benson recently dropped this edit from Alpine Meadows, CA note it was shot on June 2!  What were you doing in early June… well I was on my bike, but I wish I was schralping pow! The endless season out west continues…

In addition as a Kastle dealer it would be unfair to not post the below video.  As many of you know, Colby James West signed with Kastle this season – here’s a video of his recent trip to Austria with them.

Lastly 2010/2011 gear is on sale!
Take a look at the site and the outlet or give us a call: 1-800-996-8398, you might get lucky.

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Boone Skis

Boone Rider - Matt Herrernan

Photos Courtesy of Boone
Words: Erme Catino

Boone Skis is an independent ski company out of California and another unique indie ski company Skiershop is stoked to be featuring this winter.  Each of their skis features a bamboo core which is light, durable, and also environmentally friendly in addition to their unique artistic topsheets.

Here is what the shop is carrying for 2010/2011, and a guide for shopping Boone Skis.

Shopping for Boone is a bit different then other brands since they feature 3 different shapes with varying topsheet graphics.

Powder: 140/118/138 – 185cm
Boone Powder Skis are fully rockered and feature a hybrid bamboo/poplar core.  The fully rockered and almost symmetrical tip and tails make them deep pow smearing/jibbing machines.  This season the shop is carrying three different topsheets of Boone Powder Skis:

Boone Space Ghost Pow – $649.95

Boone Underdog Pow – $649.95

Boone Glo-Sticks Pow – $649.95

Here is Skiershop employee and Boone team member Jeff Neagle talking about the Boone Pow Glo-Sticks

Freeride: 125/93/106 – 170cm, 180cm
The Freeride model is one of Boone’s most versatile skis.  They are lightweight, poppy, and can slay the park, pow, or whatever else you throw in-front of them.  This is a perfect one ski quiver from Boone.  The Freeride models are available in the following graphics:

Boone Underdog Freeride – $449.95

Boone Space Ghost Freeride – $499.95

Boone B1 Freeride – $489.95

Park: 111/81/106 – 155cm, 165cm, 175cm
Boone Park Skis have many of the same great features as the Freeride and Pow models, just with a smaller waist.  The lightweight nature of the Bamboo core combined with the slimmer design make this ski a park and pipe slayer.  Here are the graphics the shop is carrying:

Boone Underdog Park – $449.95

Boone Tron Park – $449.95

Boone Bamboo Chutes – Women’s Park – $449.95

As always feel free to Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).


Revive your Boots

Photo: Courtesy of Booster
Words: Erme Catino

Boots can often get left behind in the yearly revamping of gear.  Let’s face it new skis are way radder, and sometimes new boots need to be broken in.  Nevertheless new boots or old, Booster Strap’s can significantly improve the performance of your boots whether you are looking for more control or to eliminate shin bang.

The Booster Strap features high strength elastomeric webbing with an anti-slip micro-adjustable cam buckle (aka a big rubber band).  The strap goes around the boot top and lower leg, and reduces the extra space in your boot – so your not cramping your style in overly buckled boots.

If you are looking for more out of your boots or have some shin bang, check these things out and the ability/sizing chart below.  As always feel free to Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).

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Volkl Freesking

Ingrid Backstrom - Courtesy of

Words: Erme Catino

Volkl Freesking has been pushing the limit and width of skis since the Gotama changed the game several years ago.  This season Skiershop will be carrying a few of their freeride boards, and since it just dumped here on the East Coast, you might be in market for some new sticks.  Here is what the shop is carrying for 2010/2011.

Volkl Gotama – $699.00: 137/106/122 – 170cm, 178cm, 186cm
This ski took people by storm, and gained cult status during its initial year on the market.  Last year the Gotama received a bit of a makeover, and now features ELP (Elongated Low Profile) rocker and a rounded top edge that increases its maneuverability in deep snow.  The Gotama is a versatile everyday big mountain ski.

Volkl Bridge – $599.00: 128/95/115 – 171cm, 179cm, 187cm
The Bridge is Volkl’s all mountain twin, and a Freeskier Magazine Editor’s Pick.  Redesigned for 2011, the Bridge has a gradual ELP rocker, and has a more playful smooth flex than the Volkl Kendo or Volkl Mantra – The Bridge is a go-to ski from park to pow riders.

Volkl Aura – $699.00: 130/94/113 – 156cm, 163cm
The Aura is the women’s version of the popular Volkl Mantra.  The Aura features traditional camber and 2 sheets of Titanium, and can easily carve up the front-side when the pow has been demolished at your local resort.

Volkl Kendo – $649.00: 127/88109 – 163cm, 170cm, 177cm, 184cm
Brand new for 2010, the Kendo was designed for skiers looking for that elusive all mountain freeride do-it-all ski.  The Kendo features the same sidewall construction found in the Mantra, with a slightly narrower design.  This ski will support your off-piste runs and make you feel like a rock star on the groomers.

Gotama Jr. – $269.00: 113/80/105 – 138cm, 148cm
Little groms need legit boards to shred the backcountry and big mountains too, which is why Volkl made the Gotama Jr.  The Gotama Jr. features ELP rocker allowing for increased maneuverability, and the shape provides the versatility of an all-mountain ski.

As always feel free to Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).


POC – Helmets & Armor

hmm...pow…c’mon man focus!

Photo Courtesy of POC Sports
Words: Erme Catino

POC is an award winning Swedish company whose mission is to do everything possible to save lives, and reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sport athletes.  Given the rate of progression in skiing, POC utilizes their POC Lab to bring together experts from the engineering and medical field to further the science behind protection.

Skiershop is stoked to be selling POC products, here is what the store has available for the 2010/2011 season.

POC Receptor Bug – $129.95
The Receptor Bug helmet is an advanced multipurpose helmet that features a patented system of overlapping shells, which lets heat out/air in, and protects your head from sharp objects. The outer shell is burly and provides solid protection, plus it comes in a variety of colors.

In addition to the POC Receptor Bug, Skiershop is also carrying the Receptor Bug Pro-models which feature the same construction just with different styles:

POC Receptor Bug – Tanner Hall $149.95

POC Receptor Bug – TJ Shiller $149.95

Looking for more information about POC, feel free to Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).

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Chris Davenport visits Stowe – Australis Premiere

Photos courtesy of Granite Films and Bobbie Roehm
Words: Erme Catino

A few weeks ago Skiershop and Stowe, VT welcomed pro-freeskier Chris Davenport and Kastle Skis for the screening of Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey and book signing of the self authored 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America.

Prior to the movie Chris spent some time at the shop and along with Kastle skis passed out free schwag, signed posters, and talked skiing over a few beers.

Australis was an exceptional documentary regarding the crew’s (Chris Davenport, Stian Hagen, and Andrea Binning) mission to ski the mountains of Antarctica.  Unlike other ski porn, not everyone has been to Antarctica to ski, and the region is practically untouched.  The film highlights their journey from South America via sailboat to the Antarctic Peninsula where they climb and ski lines that descend to the Antarctic Sea.

The cinematography is amazing, as well as the lines they ski (which weren’t always perfect corn).  From exposed shelf’s, classic couloirs, and open face AK style lines (The Sphinx), Davenport, Hagen, and Binning have opened the door of what is possible to ski at the end of the Earth.  This movie is a must see, and hopefully you will be able to catch the movie tour: Australis Film Tour!

It was super fun to have one of the legends in the freeskiing world kickin’ it at the shop, a big thanks to Chris, Kastle, and Stowe for making this happen.

Also, if you feel like tagging along with Davenport next year in Antarctica you can sign up for his guided trip: Antarctica Ski Camp November 2011

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Quiver Killer Binding Inserts

Photos Courtesy of Quiver Killer
Words: Erme Catino

We have all been there, wishing we could easily swap out a pair of bindings on the same ski, or share a binding on different skis…well now skiers won’t be stuck in that dilemma anymore.  Quiver Killer Binding Inserts don’t ruin your quiver, but rather adds versatility to your skis – something someone should have thought of a long time ago.

Once installed, Quiver Killers Binding Inserts allow you to take your bindings off your skis as much as you like, whether it be for traveling, switching from alpine to AT, or to share one binding between multiple pairs of skis.

The inserts feature:

  • Stainless steel design
  • Watertight seal
  • A course outer thread that bites into the ski (aka no slip)
  • A secure inner thread for binding adaptability
  • Small design which prevents base dimpling

Skiershop will have plenty of these available – so when you purchase your skis let us know if you would like them inserted, or if you are in Stowe, VT stop in and transform your quiver!

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Marker Bindings – Reincarnated by the Duke

Hucking on Dukes

Photo Courtesy of Tecnica
Words: Erme Catino

In 2006-2007 Marker silenced the freeskiing community’s bashing of their bindings with their coveted release of the Duke and Jester.  Previous to this, many freeskiers wouldn’t have been caught dead on Markers.  So here we are in 2010/2011 with Marker building upon their reemergence in the freesking realm, developing new bindings that don’t suck, and amassing an impressive pro-team.  Skiershop is psyched to again feature Marker freeskiing bindings in the shop – check out what is new for 2010/2011.

Marker Duke – $449.99
A burly binding with Alpine Touring Capabilities, The Duke changed the game for hard charging skiers looking for a touring binding that wasn’t a slipper. While it may be a bit heavy for the Haute Route, it is fine for day and extended day tours since going down is the fun part anyway.  The Duke features a 6-16 DIN, metal construction, power width design for fat skis, low neutral stance (34mm stand height), shortest frame among all AT bindings, and a wide brake.  For the weight conscious skier this binding weighs 2,600g/per pair.

Marker Baron – $379.95
The Baron is the lighter less burly version of the Duke.The Baron has a 4-12 DIN, and slightly less metal in components combined with all the features of the Duke.  This binding weighs 2,450g/per pair.

Marker F12 Tour – $429.99
The F12 Tour is new for 2010/2011, and is Marker’s answer to the lighter AT binding market.  While the Duke and Baron can slay inbounds terrain with ease, the F12 is more of a touring binding. Weighing in at approximately 1,685g/per pair the F12 features the same 34mm stack height, a new light weight Triple Pivot Compact toe and Hollow Linkage heel, and a DIN from 4-12.  It is a great lightweight option without the fear of slipping into touring mode, since it features the same touring function as the Duke and Baron.

Marker Jester – $339.99
Take the touring capability out of the Duke, and replace the 34mm stack height with only 19mm, and you have the Jester.  A 6-16 DIN, metal construction, wide brake, centralized swing weight (ideal for jibbers), and power width design for fat skis – the Jester has you covered. (1,890g/per pair)

Marker Griffon – $229.99
The Griffon (1,790g/per pair) is the Jester’s lighter brother.  The Griffon features a 4-12 DIN, and slightly less metal in construction with all the great features of the Jester.

Marker Squire – $189.99
The Squire is another new addition from Marker for 2010/2011.  This binding also features a 19mm stack height, a 3-11 DIN, and light weight Triple Pivot Compact toe and Hollow Linkage heel.  The binding weighs in at 1,530g/per pair, and comes in two colors black/green or white/black.

As always feel free to Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).

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Dealer Review| Nordica skis and boots

Words: Erme Catino

To keep with our dealer review trend, here’s Nordica in a nutshell: Nordica has been in existence since the late ‘30’s, and in 1963 they were the first company to apply the buckle fastening system to their ski boots –interesting fact. Now under the corporate wing of Technica, Nordica USA also produces skis in addition to their heralded boot lineup, and Skiershop will be carrying a variety of their models. Additionally, they also have the coldest name in the ski industry—Nordica–it just sounds chilly. No longer are we lacing up our ski boots and strapping on skinny skis; thank Nordica next time you use a buckle.

Let’s see what our rad New England neighbors headquartered just a stones-throw from us have to offer for 2010/2011.


Dead Money
Features: Flex 90-120, 100mm Last, Shock Eraser Technology, Quick Step 3 Piece Construction, and a Baggy Pant Holder.

This new park/pipe boot provides serious shock absorption with a 10% lighter design provided by the 3 buckle system. The Dead Money’s progressive flex gives a soft flex when landing tricks, but also stiffens up when more stress is applied to the cuff. Lastly, since no one wants to ruin their new steezy pants, the Dead Money has a clip on the back of the boot so you can clip in your oversized pants and not rip your new rags.


Features: Flex 110, 98mm Last, Vibram Sole, Shock Eraser Technology.

A new boot for Nordica this year, the Enforcer is aimed at big mountain freeriders. The Enforcer features a race fit with Shock Absorbing Technology to dampen cliff stomps, and also includes a Vibram sole to keep you from slipping on those rocky bootpacks. The boot also features a cushy liner to make it very comfortable.

Women’s Hot Rod 90
The Women’s Hot Rod 90 features a 90 Flex index with a 100mm Last. It has an adjustable cuff profile that fits a bit lower to avoid calf squeezing, Shock Eraser Technology, and a comfort fit heat-ready fur liner.

Women’s Hot Rod 70

The Women’s Hot Rod 70 features a 70 Flex index, with a medium-wide last, and also features the comfort fit heat-ready fur liner.

Women’s Cruise 55
The Nordica Women’s Cruise 55 features 55 Flex index with a wide last. It is a perfect soft boot option for those looking to cruise around with their kids, or for beginners/intermediates, and also features a comfort fit velvet heat-ready liner.

2010/2011 Skis

Ace of Spades: 113/86/113 (170cm, 177cm, 184cm)
The Ace of Spades is Nordica’s pipe and park slayer. With input from some of their top pros such as TJ Shiller, Justin Dorey, and new to the team Benedikt Mayr, the Ace of Spades will help you flip and spin into fame or maybe just help you score a date for the night. The ski features a true twin, wood core with a titanium layer, and a racing base.

Girish: 139/110/129 (185cm, 193cm)
The Girish got some much needed additions for its return this year and now features an Early Rise Tip. It also has a wood core with 2 sheets of metal, true camber underfoot, and a flat slightly rounded tail. The new early rise tip provides easy turn initiation and float while the flat tail and stability makes this a big mountain crusher.

Enforcer: 135/98/125 (169cm, 177cm, 185cm)
The Enforcer is the all mountain crusher of Nordica’s line. It features a wood core with two sheets of metal, Slow Rise Rocker Tip, and a flat tail with slight rounding for easier turn exiting. The soft tip combined with stability underfoot will have you charging all day without going to car to swap out for different skis.

Nemesis: 135/98/125 (161cm, 169cm, 177cm)
Nordica’s Nemesis, is the women’s version of the Enforcer. It follows from the same mold as the Enforcer, but with different core material. The Nemesis contains an I-Core which is two pieces of wood sandwiched around a synthetic layer of wood, making it 20% lighter. The ski features all the same aspects as the Enforcer making it a perfect one ski quiver for the ladies.

Hot Rod Ignitor CA: 123/76/107 (162cm, 170cm, 178cm)
The Hot Rod name says it all…this ski wants to drag race some big carves. It features Nordica’s I-Core and is a great intermediate/expert ski for carving up the mountain like your Thanksgiving Turkey.
Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBI:123/84/112 (170cm, 178cm)
A slightly wider version of Hot Rod Ignitor, the Jet Fuel XBI also utilizes Nordica’s I-Core and can rip up the whole mountain with the added versatility of an 84mm waist.

Women’s Mint XCT: 116/70/100 (152cm, 160cm)
Nordica’s Mint XCT is geared towards the intermediate/advanced skier. It is a carving ski that is also forgiving – so you won’t get launched into your turns as you figure out how to utilize the sidecut.

As always feel free to contact us: Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398), and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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Dealer Review| Rossignol Part One

Words: Erme Catino

While this is Skiershop’s comeback year with Rossignol, Rossi has been around since before your parents learned how to ski – 1907 to be exact. Knowing that they have a storied past, Rossi is already looking towards the future. Their recent S series and resurgence of the FKS binding show that they are keeping tabs on what skiers are looking for. Needless to say Skiershop is psyched to bring Rossi back into the store. This first review highlights what’s currently en route to the shop. We’ll drop Part 2 of the Review by 10/1 – so you can plan your gear setup!

S7: 145/115/123 (168cm, 178cm, 188cm)
Features: AmpTek Technology, WRS (Weight Reduction Technology), and a Sandwich Construction Wood Core (Rossi’s wood cores derive from renewable tree farms) of poplar/ash with carbon stringers.

The S7 was designed between a collaboration of Rossi and former Rossi athlete Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, and since has become one of most popular pow skis on the market. The AmpTek Technology provides progressive rocker in the tip and tail, camber underfoot, with reverse sidecut (spatula tip with a pin tail). The ski has incredible float, turns/smears with ease, and will hold on hardpack. Additionally, the Rossignol S series highlights topsheets designed by selected artists – the S7 is designed by Caia Koopman. I’ve been skiing on the S7 for the past two seasons and can’t say enough good things about it…the ski absolutely kills it and is so much fun!

Super 7: 145/117/127 (195cm)
A limited release last year, the 195 aka “The Super 7”, is the S7 with a wider waist (117mm) and metal laminates in the construction, though it’s turn radius is still only 22.5m compared to 17.5m on the S7.

Don’t think you can’t shred some of these rockered out fatties if you aren’t on the west coast? Check out Ski The East’s Electric Slides.

S110W: 140/110/118 (159cm, 168cm, 178cm)
Features: AmpTek Technology, Sandwich Construction of Poplar Wood Core with Carbon, Kevlar & WRS Fiberglass, and F.I.T. (Feminine Intuitive Technology).

The S110W – topsheet designed by Caia Koopman – is constructed from the same mold as the popular S7, but with a slightly different core to reduce weight. This ski follows suit from last seasons Voodoo Pro BC 110, and is a women’s dream pow board. Take all of the qualities of the S7 and combine them with women specific attributes, and you too will be stoked on this ski, just don’t be surprised when your other skis get left on the wall. Also to note is since this ski is offered in a few different sizes, Rossignol made sure that each length is slightly narrower underfoot to improve agility. They also used Rossignol’s Feminine Intuitive Technology to create a lighter, more maneuverable ski. Women…go get some!

S3: 128/98/118 (159cm, 168cm, 178cm, 186cm)
Features: AmpTek Technology, Sandwich Construction of Poplar Wood Core, and WRS.

Think of the S3 as the S7’s little brother. With a topsheet also designed by Caia Koopman, the S3 has a similar build as the S7, but with a narrower waist. Taking advantage of the AmpTek Technology, the S3 handles anything thrown in its path. It has progressive rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot and is also a great touring ski given its versatility.

S86 Freeride: 130/86.5/116 (162cm, 170cm, 178cm, 186cm)
Features: AmpTek Technology, Sandwich Wood Core with 2 Layers of Titanium, and a slight raise in the tail.

Another S series ski inspired by Caia Koopman, the S86 Freeride is an all mountain carver that has your back when you venture into the unknown. Featuring AmpTek with traditional camber underfoot and early rise in the tip and tail, the S86 turns with ease, dices through pow and crud, and rails groomers. This is a do it all ski for those who won’t be getting into the uber deep.

S4 Jib: 116/84/109 (160cm, 168cm, 174cm, 181cm)
Features: Wood Core, WRS, and rocker in the tip and tail.

You probably have already seen the S4 Jib since Rossignol riders Kevin Rolland and Xavier Bertoni crushed the competition in the X-Games. The S4 is Rossi’s pipe and park slayer, but can also rip the whole mountain. With an eye popping graphic designed by Andy Howell, the S4 Jib will get you noticed as you send-it in the park.

FKS 180 Bindings:
Last summer rumor was out that Rossignol was bringing back the highly regarded FKS binding, this was a huge deal since this binding was so popular and legit that parts and older models sold like hot cakes on the internet. The new FKS 180 arrived in December last season and finally had a XXL wide brake option for fat skis, which meant no more bending the L brake as in years past. What makes this binding so awesome are a lot of things such as and all metal construction, 8-18 DIN, turnable heel which reduces unwanted pre-release, amazing elastic travel, extra wide AFD for fat skis, XXL wide brake option, shorter mounting zone, and a bright orange color.

Freeski2 120XL and 120L Bindings:
Rossignol’s Freeski2 120 bindings have a range of 2.5-12, and also feature two brake size options, the XL comes with a 100mm brake and the L has an 80-90mm brake. It also features a wide AFD for power transmission to fat skis, and contains a Dual Action toe piece that has a multi-directional 180 degree release. The heel has titanium lateral arms and has 25mm of elastic travel – the longest of any binding currently on the market. This is a great option for lighter folks who aren’t in the market for an FKS.

Axial2 Race 100s:
A great binding for the groms, the Axial2 Race 100 Solar Ski Bindings have a DIN of 3-10 and brake width of 80mm. They feature the same 25mm elastic travel as the Freeski2 bindings as well as the Dual Action toe piece, so your kid can rally down the mountain and you won’t be worrying about if his/her kid specific binding is legit.

As always feel free to contact us: Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).

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