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Skiing in Yellowstone with KGB Productions

We recently returned from skiing powder in Jackson Hole with the Powder Magazine crew, and we still have Wyoming on the mind.  In case you missed it, here is KGB productions’ WYoming Triumph Episode 11 – Yellowstone Part 1.


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Head to Chamonix

Even though the West Coast is gearing up for some more snow, let’s face it, it has been a low tide year thus far in North America. Which is why many of our friends are heading to Europe this spring. You should too…

We fully endorse this trip and approve this message…

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Chamonix Update with Dean Decas

A close friend to the Skiershop family, Dean Decas finally returned to the mountains in his heart, Chamonix, France. Dean spends his summers in New England, however the snow came with a fury in Europe and he quickly took off to Cham where he ski mountaineers and guides clients to the goods. Here are a few photos of Dean’s recent excursions. – Erme

About Dean: Dean Decas is a ski mountaineering ninja and in 2003, Ski Magazine rated him as one of top 100 ski instructors in the U.S. Want to ski with him? For bookings, call Dean: 508-479-1756 or email him at


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Salomon Freeski TV Selkirk Touring

Here’s another reason why everyone should visit British Colombia…

Via Salomon Freeski TV: Deep in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia Chris Rubens, Elyse Saugstad and Kim Havell put the new Salomon Guardian binding to the test.


Surface 2012

Surface Team Member - Blake Nyman

Surface is still a relatively new ski company, however you wouldn’t know given how fast they grew. They’re similar to Klint, blew up on the scene and aren’t going away.

Skiershop has been carrying Surface for several years, and we are really stoked to have them as one of our featured brands! Below are a few skis to take a look at, click on either of them or HERE to view our featured brand page for Surface.

Still have questions… Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to chat with you about the gear you’re looking for: 1-800-996-8398.

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Flylow 2012

Flylow is a relatively new apparel company that features outerwear and accessories to meet the needs of backcountry and resort skiers alike. They have designed their apparel to be durable, comfortable, and affordable. Based in Colorado, their freeride inspired take on mountaineering gear spawned out of a college friendship and quickly filled a void within the ski industry.

Here are a few samples of what Skiershop is carrying from Flylow 2012. Click on any of the images, or HERE to see all of what we have to offer!

Still have questions… Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to chat with you about the gear you are looking for: 1-800-996-8398.

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5 Minutes with Griffin Post

Words: Erme Catino

Last week Kastle Skis and Griffin Post stopped by in Stowe, VT.  Griffin was on the East Coast swing for TGR’s “One For The Road,” movie tour and I was lucky enough to sit down with him for a few minutes. For those of you who haven’t seen TGR’s newest flick, it’s awesome, and within one year Griffin has gone from crushing the FWT to slaying impressive lines for the big screen.

So how was the transition from competing to filming?
I was competing for about 5 years and it has always been my goal to film. I initially got a shot to film with TGR for some B-Roll in Jackson, and then had the opportunity to head to Alaska – it was a dream come true! The biggest different is the conditions, competitions aren’t always in soft snow and you only have one shot at your run. While I thought filming would give me more chances for a line, it ends up being the same – because often times things sluff, sun disappears, etc.

You are also a contributor for ESPN Freeskiing, and I read your blog that stated, “If in ten years all I’ve done is win some competitions and film some segments, I’ll be pretty disappointed in myself.” I think that’s great, care to elaborate?
I think that as a professional skiers, we are lucky and it is my obligation to affect the ski world and beyond in a positive way. I really like programs like Protect Our Winters, and I’d like to do more with organizations such as theirs.

You and Todd Ligare were both given ESPN Freeskiing’s Breakthrough Performance Award, how does that feel?
I’ve known Todd since I was 12 years old, and he was already established with TGR; it was great to ski and film with him, we feed off each other, have similar style, and the trust is there. Getting the award – it’s great to have the recognition, my first year with TGR went far better than I could have ever imagined.

The Kastle big mountain team is pretty stacked – If you were to play a big mountain version of H.O.R.S.E, who would win: Hugo Harrison, Chris Davenport, or you?
Laughs… Well I think it would go down like this – Chris and I would think we’re pretty good, then Hugo would come and mop the floor with us, more laughs…

Thanks for the chat Griffin!



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Last Day to Vote for Natural Playground Photo Contest

Today is the last day to vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award in the “Natural Playground” Photo Contest. In case you missed it, local photographer Brian Mohr won the Juror’s Choice with this great shot – Ski to Sea! Skiershop is giving away a DVD 4-pack for the Viewer’s Choice Award, stay tuned for the announcement of the winner. – Erme

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Gecko Climbing Skins: Who needs Glue…

Words: Erme Catino

Early season turns are right around the corner! With anticipated cold air supposedly moving across the country this week, it’s about time to get your gear in order for the season. While those first few skin laps at the local hill are fine for some un-tuned skis, skinning up the mountain with beat-up skins that have lost their glue can easily turn first snow-day stoke into a grumpy mess.

Enter Gecko Skins. Gecko Skins are based out of Austria and are NOT a glue skin. They use “molecular fusion,” which allow the skins to not wear out as easily, and can be cleaned with luke warm water to remove dirt, pine needles, etc. Furthermore, their adhesion layer can withstand temperature from + 250° C to – 70°C, and are patent pending.

I have fondled a pair of these in the shop and I am excited to get on them later this fall. Though according to Justin Reyher of Backcountry Magazine, “they are the real deal.” Check them out…




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Kastle 2012

For 2012, Skiershop is featuring a comprehensive collection of Kastle Skis. The company divides their skis by models, so in this dealer review we’ll be briefly going through the line, so you can see which Kastle ski will be right for you. And if they are good enough for Chris Davenport, Griffin Post, Colby J. West among others, we think you’ll be stoked too. Check it…

Kastle BMX – Big Mountain Cross: The BMX series is Kastle’s freeride line, and features early rise and modern freeride sidecuts so you can float pow and crush lines all day.

Shop Kastle BMX Series

Kastle FX – Freeski Mountaineering: The FX Series was designed by mountaineering badass Chris Davenport. They feature a lightweight core and freeride sidecut, and similar to the BMX line they come in a variety of widths and lengths.

Shop Kastle FX Series

Kastle LX and MX – Light Cross and Mountain Cross: These series focus on more traditional skis for all mountain skiing in all conditions. The LX line is a lighter version of the MX which features a sportier user-friendly ski.

Shop Kastle LX and MX Series

Kastle RX and TX – Race Cross and Tour Cross: The RX speaks for itself – race construction, on-piste Alberto Tomba wannabes look no further. The Tour Cross is an ultra-light touring ski with a freeride inspired sidecut similar to the FX line.

Shop Kastle RX Series

Shop Kastle TX Series

Still have questions… Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to chat with you about the gear you’re looking for: 1-800-996-8398.

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