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Revive your Boots

Photo: Courtesy of Booster
Words: Erme Catino

Boots can often get left behind in the yearly revamping of gear.  Let’s face it new skis are way radder, and sometimes new boots need to be broken in.  Nevertheless new boots or old, Booster Strap’s can significantly improve the performance of your boots whether you are looking for more control or to eliminate shin bang.

The Booster Strap features high strength elastomeric webbing with an anti-slip micro-adjustable cam buckle (aka a big rubber band).  The strap goes around the boot top and lower leg, and reduces the extra space in your boot – so your not cramping your style in overly buckled boots.

If you are looking for more out of your boots or have some shin bang, check these things out and the ability/sizing chart below.  As always feel free to Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).