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EASTablished Media Tough Break Ep.6

Video: EASTablished Media
Words: Erme Catino

Our boys from EASTablished Media just dropped the final installment in their Tough Break Webseries.  The season finale highlights Jeff Neagle’s trip to Mammoth, CA and then wraps up with clips from Stowe Mountain Resort’s Last Trick Rail Jam.  The edit also features some of our Skiershop Jib Team Riders.  Nice work fellas, stoked for next season!


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Stowe Mountain Resort – Last Trick Rail Jam

Words: Erme Catino
Photos: Erme Catino and Mike Thomas

This past Memorial Day Weekend, Stowe Mountain Resort hosted their annual Last Trick Rail Jam.  With almost two weeks of rain and warm humid July type weather, the resort scraped together the remains of the winter snowpack and pulled off a few features; though it was so warm that the snow was evaporating into a mist as the morning progressed.

Prior to the public event going down, I was invited to tag along with EASTablished Media and check out their athletes filming and shooting for the next “Tough Break” webseries edit.  It was a great time watching the kids throw down, many of which are coached by locals Ben Grunow and Matt Goodson…watch out for these groms!

Below are a handful of photos from the day, thank you to Stowe Mountain Resort for again putting together a great event especially in some dicey weather.

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Skiershop Staff Profile – Jeff Neagle – Sales, Service & Jib Ninja

The crew has skiing on the mind 24/7, though in the summer they may put a bike to good use too!  Each member of our staff is committed to getting you stoked on skiing and equipped with the gear to do so.  Here is a little bit of information about the staff so you can see what gear they use and why. – Erme

Jeff Neagle – Sales & Service

Originally From: Cumberland, ME.

How long have you worked at Skiershop: A year and a half.

Why Stowe? I like the vibe on the East Coast, and Stowe has the most to offer out of anywhere I’ve skied on this side of the country.

Ideal day on the hill? I’ll probably take some heat from my fellow employees on this one, but in my opinion nothing beats a 50 degree sunny park day…Oh and there can’t be any wind.


Ski – Boone Park/Freeride/Pow

Bindings – Rossi FKS 18/Marker Jester

Boots – Nordica Dead Money

Outerwear – First Drop/Outdoor Technology

Goggles – Electric EG1s

Best day ever? Either the first day I landed a cork 7 or the first time I landed a dub.

Summertime activity and tool of choice?: Mountain Biking – Giant Reign 1.

Favorite Stowe après location? Piecasso.

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EASTablished Media Tough Break Episode 5

Video: EASTablished Media
Words: Erme Catino

The boys from EASTablished Media just dropped their latest installment in the Tough Break webseries.  Episode 5 features park riding at Stowe Mountain Resort, and some old fashion backyard riding complete with sleds and Vermont sugaring.  The first half of this episode is my favorite thus far from the EASTablished crew, the slow motion cuts and beats are awesome.  Looking forward to episode 6!

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MMSC at Dumont Cup

Pro Skier Simon Dumont - Host and organizer of the event

Photos: Ben Grunow – MMSC Freestyle
Words: Erme Catino

The Dumont Cup – Simon Dumont’s open invitation slopestyle competition wrapped up last weekend in Sunday River, ME.  The event allows pro and amateur skiers to go head to head in a jam style format with skiers then progressing to semi-finals and finals, and has been a coming out party for young rippers on the cusp of turning pro.  This year Nick Goepper took the title followed by Gus Kenworthy and Jacob Wester.

Events like this are great for local talent especially here on the East, where it sometimes can be hard to get noticed.  Naturally our local jib crew from MMSC’s Freestyle Team led by head coach Ben Grunow also cruised over to the event.  Below are a compilation of pictures that Ben shot during the comp, needless to say the kids threw down.  Nice work boys!

Skiershop Employee Jeff Neagle

Will Hibbs

Dale Talkington



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EASTablished Media Tough Break Episode 4

Video: EASTablished Media
Words: Erme Catino

The crew from EASTablished Media just dropped the latest installment in their Tough Break web-series.  This episode features an appearance by Ross Imburgia and highlights the jib ninjas exploring unique urban features along with some park riding at Stowe Mountain Resort.  The edit also gives a tour of the Raise The Bar and headquarters in Stowe, VT.  Nice work boys!

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First Drop Special

David Lesh and First Drop Clothing

Photo Courtesy of First Drop and
Words: Erme Catino

Established in 2009, First Drop keeps things simple with their outerwear – one jacket and one pant (bibs), though they offer a variety of colors and additions such as zip-off sleeves and bibs.  Additionally on their website you can choose your new steeze with the First Drop Suit Color Picker.

All of First Drop’s gear features super thick PU coated waterproof fabric, zip-off sleeves and bibs, an oversized hood with magnetic hood stay (so you don’t blind yourself on those doubles), 16 pockets, a medium-weight liner among others features to keep you looking fresh on the hill.  Lastly, this gear wears BIG so check out the size chart and see how much steeze you are looking for. In addition, Skiershop also has First Drop accessories such as hoodies and hats.

Since we are cruising into March, we are offering a promotion on First Drop:

Jacket – $225

Bibs – $155

Full Suit (Jacket and Bibs) – $370.00.

To get this deal, you need to place your order over the phone so give us a shout (1-800-996-8398), spring park laps are just around the bend.

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EASTablished Media – Tough Break Ep.3

Video: EASTablished Media
Words: Erme Catino

The Crew from EASTablished Media just dropped the third installment in their Tough Break web-series.  Aside from Jeff Neagle getting his arm sliced open, this episode shows the crew tagging some urban near UVM, park and rails at Stowe, and also some pow shots.  Nice work boys!

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EASTablished Media – Tough Break Episode 2

Here is the latest installment from the local jib ninja’s EASTablished Media.  Nice work guys, psyched to see the next one!

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