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SIA Denver- What does next season’s clothing look like?

One of the most interesting part of the SIA show every year is seeing what next years color pallet will look like. Clothing trends are a bit more volatile than ski technology, well I suppose ski graphics change every season also, but with clothing the aesthetics sort of are the product. So what’s next season look like? Let’s take a look.

Scott Outerwear

Scott Clothing

Trew, why yes, colors are a bit more subdued.

Trew. Notice the blue jacket to the lower left? You'll be seeing a whole lot more of that color way.

FlyLow, I really dig this. I can definitely see myself wearing this next season.

A bit more FlyLow. Note the slightly subdued pallet... and more blue!

Mammut, showing off their airbag pack also.

Mammut Women's freeride ensamble. Lookin' good.

This is a quick look at some of next season’s colors. Things are looking a bit ‘toned down’, a bit more subtle. I like it, what do you think?

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Weekend Photo Contest

We at realize that not everyone lives in a ski town. Many people work in the city and head up to the hills for the weekend. So in an effort to give away some free schwag, we are having a weekend photo contest. Post your best picture from skiing this weekend to our Facebook page by Monday 1/23 Noon EST, and enter to win a free pair of Flylow gloves and a Mammut Scarf. We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page Monday afternoon.


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Flylow 2012

Flylow is a relatively new apparel company that features outerwear and accessories to meet the needs of backcountry and resort skiers alike. They have designed their apparel to be durable, comfortable, and affordable. Based in Colorado, their freeride inspired take on mountaineering gear spawned out of a college friendship and quickly filled a void within the ski industry.

Here are a few samples of what Skiershop is carrying from Flylow 2012. Click on any of the images, or HERE to see all of what we have to offer!

Still have questions… Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to chat with you about the gear you are looking for: 1-800-996-8398.

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Ashley Maxfield FWT Chile

Skiershop Team Rider Ashley Maxfield just dropped a GoPro edit from her 5th place run at the Freeskiing World Tour Stop #2 in Ski Arpa, Chile. Nice work Ashley, way to send it! – Erme


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PowderWhore Productions Breaking Trail

As we get closer to ski movie season more trailers continue to be released. Yesterday PowderWhore Productions dropped the teaser to their newest film, “Breaking Trail,” and it has a great vibe…”Bottom line for me floating powder is what it’s all about.” – Erme


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Green Mountain Freeride – Targhee BC

In case you missed it, last week Ski The East posted an edit of our boys at Green Mountain Freeride and the late Ryan Hawks hitting a huge kicker in Targhee’s BC!  Here’s the edit, shout out to Send It Studios for the video. – Erme

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Parallels – Dendrite Studios

Parallels, produced by Dendrite Studios was produced in seven days for the Intersection Competition at Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival.  Pretty amazing and a great follow up from their 2010 film Out of The Shadows.  - Erme

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GMF – Morning Photo Glory

Banger photos keep coming in from Green Mountain Freeride. Here is the latest recap from Louis Erickson, their endless powder season continues… – Erme

Words: Louis Erickson
Derek DiLuzio

I wake to the sound of my alarm and look over, 3:30a.m…The house is cold. I fire up the stove and throw on some bacon as I grab ZOI Greek yogurt from the nearly empty fridge.

Walking back up the stairs I hear Holly fumbling for her things. Shae is still sleeping; I flip on her lights, “wake up kid!” I hear a grown and I go back to tending bacon. Within minutes we are cruising towards Victor, Idaho. Brady Johnston is leading the way in his white Chevy pickup. We are on time and waiting for the photographers, 5:02 a.m. The stars are still shining brightly as we put on our boots and strap our skis to our packs.

We are on the boot pack shortly with photographers in tow. The sky slowly turns beautiful hues of purple and pink. Two ravens fly above as the sun begins to shoot rays of orange light over Jackson peak. The rising sun slowly filling Jackson Valley, illuminating the sleepy town, waking its residents for another work day 4,000 feet below. As the sun began to rise it illuminated the limestone rock we wanted to jump over, “it’s time,” Derek says.

I line up my drop and jump into the abyss…

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GMF – Taylor Mountain

Editors Note: While the East has been baking under the April sun, skiers in the West have been plundering pow in full on winter conditions.  Here is the latest update from Green Mountain Freeride.  – Erme

Words and Photos By Ben Blakely

It’s the morning of April 27, cowboy coffee in the pot and bacon in the pan.  Dreaming my way through while the lovely bacon aroma is filling the house, moving up the stairs and into Louie’s room…Louie wakes up.  The weather is beautifully sunny, but not too warm and we want to make turns…TO THE PASS!

This time of year the mountains have been closed for weeks, there are no more avalanche reports and the majority of skis in the Tetons hibernate, not to be taken out again until October.  This is a great and wondrous thing!  The skiing is still so awesome from spring corn to mid-winter pow conditions, and every skier has taken off to the desert.

In the truck on the pass road, a last minute decision parks us in the Taylor lot.  In short order the four of us are on our way up the skinner.  Sussing out the conditions, loving the sunshine and talking about our tribulations, I follow Louie’s straight up skinner he put in two days ago.  Thoughts of our best friend Ryan Hawks lay heavy on my mind, I remember that last time I skied Taylor with him, it was last season.

Hmm...Looks Tasty

Hitting the South East ridge of Taylor Mt. Louie and I utilize the Backcountry Bomb, if you don’t have one get one.  The Bomb makes quick work of one thirty foot section of a North East facing cornice.  We see a 12-18 inch deep by 70 feet wide break moving slow but running at least 1,500 feet, finding out later it had propagated below a line of small trees running at least another 70 feet to the right, consistent with the 24-30 inch crown in the East bowl.  Making our way up the ridge Louis and I eye up a cornice North of the peak, and we cut one more on the East ridge with no result.  “Brady and I got this one to go two days ago,” Louie informs.  At the peak we abandon our intensions to cut the other cornice; the west face has blown in strangely.

The East face of Taylor is just gorgeous and demands respect.  With a total lack of vegetation, minus the exception of the few rock bands down the face, it runs with a sustained pitch for over 3,000 feet and possesses proven potential to slide HUGE!  Untracked, it calls to you, “just ski the SHIT out of me, NOW!”  Not feeling good about the stability, the East face was looking scary…and incredibly temping.  We decide to ski the left of the South East ridge.

Assessing the snow

Lou is the first to ski laying down some phat turns!  Holly pushes onto her heel edge throwing up a wall.  Jess turned it up like water.  I like watching my friends shred, it’s almost as good as shredding yourself.  Doing our best Warren Miller skiing we drain the second half of the ridge to Cold Creek and take a minute looking over our run.  Tracing our tracks, picking our own from the others, each one is a signature.


Surfin Pow in April

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GMF – Jaded

GMF Freeride member Louis Erickson and Ben Blakely have been getting it good in Jackson, WY.  Here is their latest update and perspective on late season pow sniping. – Erme

Words and Photos by Ben Blakely

This time of season, the word ‘jaded’ is thrown around.  Definition: Jade – (1) noun, a worn-out, broken-down, worthless or vicious horse (2) a disreputable or ill-tempered woman.  Jaded – verb, dulled or satiated by overindulgence, worn out or wearied as by overuse.

I do not work with horses, and aside from that one liftie that continues religiously checking tickets, I believe the later usage pertains most to the late season tendency for days off, late nights and late mornings, or scoffing at the 12 inches last night when there was so much hope for 28.

Is it bad when the dog isn’t even getting off the couch?  What’s wrong with getting my pants on at 12 noon and my jacket at 2 o’clock in the afternoon?  Or pre-gaming before Glory lap number two? There is nothing wrong with these things; it has been a great season of early mornings filled with blower face-shots from bell-to-bell.  There is no shame in taking some time to recover and restock your reserves with plenty of bacon.  As long as you get it good, stay happy, and keep that 5pm powder stash hush-hush.

Bell-to-bell days are satisfying and anyone can get it early, but the real pride is in the waiting game.  It’s still snowing and blowing and only getting deeper…so you wait…get well rested and over-fed.  You check the Facebook once more and zap the coffee in the microwave.  When you are ready, you know it and you go.  Grab your buddy, hop on the lift, stick your skins or get to the boot pack…you know where to go and you are sure it will be good.  When you’re a jaded local, you can afford it.

You say ‘jaded…’I hear ‘smarter, wiser’ and say, “Thanks!”

Below: Louis taking his time and getting it good.

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