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2014 SIA SnowShow Denver, CO

The Snow Sports Industry of America is gathered in Denver Colorado to show off what will soon become next season’s hottest gear. This is when ski shops around the country start to get a full picture of what trends are emerging in the snow sports world, what colors are hot, what ski technology is new and exciting, what product Glenn Plake is endorsing…

day one is over, day two is just about to start. Here are some shots of next years hard goods, boots, bindings and skis.

Doug Lewis Get’s the crowd pumped for Sochi

DPS, best looking booth again this year.

DPS Spoon Technology


Stockli Stormrider Series

Stockli Y Series and new Vario

Stockli frontside

Head Libra Women's line

Jeff and Julia discuss Supershapes

Head Freeride skis

Kastle Freestyle

Kastle MX Series

kastle FX Series

There is a lot more still to come… as soon as I have free time I’ll continue posting.

… and more:

Rossignol's 7 Series returns... yup, still awesome.

Rossignol's Experience Series gets reworked with technology from the 7 Series. All-Mountain with a touch more freeride for next season, new widths, new rocker profiles, hollow tips... their all new skis.Rossignol's Freestyle line.

Rossignol bindings, new dayglo colors and some cool new technology.

Blizzard, the bulls are still running at the front of the freeski herd. Some subdued new graphics and a couple new models. Why mess with success?

The new Tecnica Cochise boots. lots of new technology in these puppies.


New Volkl Mantra

Volkl 2015

Volkl is expanding their carbon footprint... light weight is very hip for 2015

Faction, looking good for next season

Faction Candide series, super clean

RMU is adding fiber to their diet, the new Carbon Apostle, under 8lbs per pair.

RMU has something special for us 'Right Coasters', the ski to the left is called the 802, you guessed it, designed for hard charging east coasters.

Nordica's Freeski line up, the graphics have been muted a bit... probably a good call.

Nordica has done a full redisgn on their all mountain skis, NRGy will be taking on the Blizzard Brahma and Bonafide. The consumer is sure to win in this battle.

Nordica's Michael Martini educating Jeff on 2015 product

Dalbello Lupo, Sean Petite's Pro Model returns



Freestyle skiers get the KR2 treatment in the new Il Moro, look for these next week in Sochi on the feet of park and pipe skiers


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Ben Grunow sits down with Skiershop; life as a freestyle coach for tomorrow’s stars

Words: Erme Catino

Ben Grunow, the head freestyle coach at Mount Mansfield Ski Club (MMSC), has spent a good part of the summer at Mount Hood with the MMSC freestyle team. A former pro, Ben has been featured in Level 1′s Second Generation, Level’s 1′s Strike 3, Craze Productions Proof & Contraband, and a few others. Recently Ben took some time to chat with us about the club’s freestyle program, coaching, and how the kids have been throwing down.

How did you get into coaching with MMSC and how has the summer been?

I started coaching a little bit back in 2003 after my knee injury. There was only one kid in the program at the time (Tanner Rainville), and a few years later the program grew to 7 or 8 (to name a few Duncan Adams, Ricki Hess, Colby Adams and Ryan Bowen). After I then moved into the judging scene, and traveled around to judge various Park/Pipe competitions for a couple years. Once I was settled back in Stowe, VT I began coaching full time. The summer has been great; MMSC also took a trip earlier this summer to the Lake Placid, NY Olympic Training Center to hit the water ramps and trampolines.

Stowe, VT has produced some top pros such as Duncan Adams, Tanner Rainville, and a few others. Do you thinkmthat this is a motivating factor for the skiers in the program?

It’s a very motivating factor that plays into all the kids who are striving to become freestyle ski athletes. It gives them a sense of reality that it is possible to come from the “ICE” coast, and make it in the top world of professional skiing. It also gives them some great piers to look up to.

Summer ski camps are renowned for new trick innovation, how was the team progressing their skills this summer?

Well I would say that anytime is a great time to progress a skier’s ability. At MMSC we strive to teach to the individual style of each athlete – to make each “trick” look beautiful and in CONTROL…Every athlete that was a part of the camp progressed in their own way, from sliding more technical rails with ease, to Switch 1260 mute grabs, and double flips with style….

I’ve seen some of your photos from the trip; it looked like an awesome time. What were some of the highlights of the trip?

Well there was never a dull moment….Windells has so much to offer at their training facility from air bags on and off snow, snow turf rail set ups, skate parks everywhere, Olympic trampolines into foam, and the best summer skiing park setup in the World! I would say all of these instruments of progression were the highlights of our trip. We did get a chance to run around Portland and check out VooDoo Donuts and the Nike Store!!!

Funniest or most random thing the happened at Hood this summer?

Maybe not so Funny, but Delta seemed to over book us on our flight out, and kept on bumping us additional days. Half of us made it one day late and the other half were 2 days late – with lost baggage all over the place. The team made due and we rented and shared gear until our baggage finally showed up. Bottom line…Never flying Delta again, they gave us no compensation or remorse for their mess up!

What’s on tap as we near the end of summer, and what major competitions are the kids going to compete in this winter?

The team will try to get in one more water-ramp session at Lake Placid, NY, and then it’s time to hit the gym and wait for the snow to fly. We have a pre-season camp in early December where the team heads to Breckinridge, CO for training and some of the athletes will be competing in The Dew Tour Qualifiers. This winter we will be competing in USSA Rev Tour, USASA Regional and Nationals, Gatorade Free Flow Tour, Dew Tour, Simon Dumont Open, Aspen Open, Anti Gravity Grail, and much more….

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