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‘Kashmir’ video, skiing in India: tasty treat

Kashmir – A Skier’s Journey: Ep1 from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

If you have truly skied in some of the best powder in the world, than you know well the deep feeling of longing when you see a ski vid of some lucky schmuck tearing up a fresh line with nothing but virgin snow ahead.

But, the reality is that a good amount of us never venture off the front side of the mountain, or in my case, never get back out west after living there for five years. That is why, this sweet little high-quality vid makes me so happy. There is both crud skiing, and a tease toward the end of what a really spectacular day would realistically look like for most of us. Bear in mind the ski footage starts at about the halfway point but it is still a tasty little nugget. I can’t wait until parts two and three.

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