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2014 SIA SnowShow Denver, CO

The Snow Sports Industry of America is gathered in Denver Colorado to show off what will soon become next season’s hottest gear. This is when ski shops around the country start to get a full picture of what trends are emerging in the snow sports world, what colors are hot, what ski technology is new and exciting, what product Glenn Plake is endorsing…

day one is over, day two is just about to start. Here are some shots of next years hard goods, boots, bindings and skis.

Doug Lewis Get’s the crowd pumped for Sochi

DPS, best looking booth again this year.

DPS Spoon Technology


Stockli Stormrider Series

Stockli Y Series and new Vario

Stockli frontside

Head Libra Women's line

Jeff and Julia discuss Supershapes

Head Freeride skis

Kastle Freestyle

Kastle MX Series

kastle FX Series

There is a lot more still to come… as soon as I have free time I’ll continue posting.

… and more:

Rossignol's 7 Series returns... yup, still awesome.

Rossignol's Experience Series gets reworked with technology from the 7 Series. All-Mountain with a touch more freeride for next season, new widths, new rocker profiles, hollow tips... their all new skis.Rossignol's Freestyle line.

Rossignol bindings, new dayglo colors and some cool new technology.

Blizzard, the bulls are still running at the front of the freeski herd. Some subdued new graphics and a couple new models. Why mess with success?

The new Tecnica Cochise boots. lots of new technology in these puppies.


New Volkl Mantra

Volkl 2015

Volkl is expanding their carbon footprint... light weight is very hip for 2015

Faction, looking good for next season

Faction Candide series, super clean

RMU is adding fiber to their diet, the new Carbon Apostle, under 8lbs per pair.

RMU has something special for us 'Right Coasters', the ski to the left is called the 802, you guessed it, designed for hard charging east coasters.

Nordica's Freeski line up, the graphics have been muted a bit... probably a good call.

Nordica has done a full redisgn on their all mountain skis, NRGy will be taking on the Blizzard Brahma and Bonafide. The consumer is sure to win in this battle.

Nordica's Michael Martini educating Jeff on 2015 product

Dalbello Lupo, Sean Petite's Pro Model returns



Freestyle skiers get the KR2 treatment in the new Il Moro, look for these next week in Sochi on the feet of park and pipe skiers


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Colby West Kastle Video is one of the top international dealers of Kastle Skis, so we were pretty pumped when Colby James West signed on with the company. Here’s a video Kastle released of Colby sessioning a huge jump at Alyeska ski resort, filmed by MSP in April 2011. And if you are looking for one of Colby’s signature Kastles, then check them out HERE.

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Chris Davenport and Hugo Harrison Coming to Skiershop

This Saturday please join and Kästle Skis in welcoming Chris Davenport and Hugo Harrison to Stowe, VT.

Chris and Hugo will be at Skiershop (580 Mountain Road Stowe, VT 802-253-9400) at 2:00pm. They will be signing books & posters and speaking with guests prior to heading to The Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center for the 7:00pm movie presentation.

In addition, if you purchase a pair of 2012 Kästle’s you will receive a free Sport Tube – Valid on Saturday only.

Let us know if you can attend HERE.

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5 Minutes with Griffin Post

Words: Erme Catino

Last week Kastle Skis and Griffin Post stopped by in Stowe, VT.  Griffin was on the East Coast swing for TGR’s “One For The Road,” movie tour and I was lucky enough to sit down with him for a few minutes. For those of you who haven’t seen TGR’s newest flick, it’s awesome, and within one year Griffin has gone from crushing the FWT to slaying impressive lines for the big screen.

So how was the transition from competing to filming?
I was competing for about 5 years and it has always been my goal to film. I initially got a shot to film with TGR for some B-Roll in Jackson, and then had the opportunity to head to Alaska – it was a dream come true! The biggest different is the conditions, competitions aren’t always in soft snow and you only have one shot at your run. While I thought filming would give me more chances for a line, it ends up being the same – because often times things sluff, sun disappears, etc.

You are also a contributor for ESPN Freeskiing, and I read your blog that stated, “If in ten years all I’ve done is win some competitions and film some segments, I’ll be pretty disappointed in myself.” I think that’s great, care to elaborate?
I think that as a professional skiers, we are lucky and it is my obligation to affect the ski world and beyond in a positive way. I really like programs like Protect Our Winters, and I’d like to do more with organizations such as theirs.

You and Todd Ligare were both given ESPN Freeskiing’s Breakthrough Performance Award, how does that feel?
I’ve known Todd since I was 12 years old, and he was already established with TGR; it was great to ski and film with him, we feed off each other, have similar style, and the trust is there. Getting the award – it’s great to have the recognition, my first year with TGR went far better than I could have ever imagined.

The Kastle big mountain team is pretty stacked – If you were to play a big mountain version of H.O.R.S.E, who would win: Hugo Harrison, Chris Davenport, or you?
Laughs… Well I think it would go down like this – Chris and I would think we’re pretty good, then Hugo would come and mop the floor with us, more laughs…

Thanks for the chat Griffin!



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TGR: One For The Road – BTV

Skiershop is stoked to be a local sponsor for TGR’s “One For The Road” BTV screening. Join us tonight at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. Doors open at 7:00pm, movie at 8:00pm.  In addition to the rad movie, there will be tons of giveaways and prizes, and athletes on hand to sign posters: Buy Tickets Here.

PS. Kastle Skis will be cruising by the shop in the afternoon with Griffin Post in tow!

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Kastle 2012

For 2012, Skiershop is featuring a comprehensive collection of Kastle Skis. The company divides their skis by models, so in this dealer review we’ll be briefly going through the line, so you can see which Kastle ski will be right for you. And if they are good enough for Chris Davenport, Griffin Post, Colby J. West among others, we think you’ll be stoked too. Check it…

Kastle BMX – Big Mountain Cross: The BMX series is Kastle’s freeride line, and features early rise and modern freeride sidecuts so you can float pow and crush lines all day.

Shop Kastle BMX Series

Kastle FX – Freeski Mountaineering: The FX Series was designed by mountaineering badass Chris Davenport. They feature a lightweight core and freeride sidecut, and similar to the BMX line they come in a variety of widths and lengths.

Shop Kastle FX Series

Kastle LX and MX – Light Cross and Mountain Cross: These series focus on more traditional skis for all mountain skiing in all conditions. The LX line is a lighter version of the MX which features a sportier user-friendly ski.

Shop Kastle LX and MX Series

Kastle RX and TX – Race Cross and Tour Cross: The RX speaks for itself – race construction, on-piste Alberto Tomba wannabes look no further. The Tour Cross is an ultra-light touring ski with a freeride inspired sidecut similar to the FX line.

Shop Kastle RX Series

Shop Kastle TX Series

Still have questions… Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to chat with you about the gear you’re looking for: 1-800-996-8398.

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Still Skiing…

Video: Courtesy of Jeremy Benson and Colby J. West/Kastle
Words: Erme Catino

Jeremy Benson recently dropped this edit from Alpine Meadows, CA note it was shot on June 2!  What were you doing in early June… well I was on my bike, but I wish I was schralping pow! The endless season out west continues…

In addition as a Kastle dealer it would be unfair to not post the below video.  As many of you know, Colby James West signed with Kastle this season – here’s a video of his recent trip to Austria with them.

Lastly 2010/2011 gear is on sale!
Take a look at the site and the outlet or give us a call: 1-800-996-8398, you might get lucky.

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Skiershop Staff Profile – Jeff Siegel – Director of E-Commerce

The crew has skiing on the mind 24/7, though in the summer they may put a bike to good use too! Each member of our staff is committed to getting you stoked on skiing and equipped with the gear to do so. Here is a little bit of information about the staff so you can see what gear they use and why… – Erme

Jeffrey Siegel, Director of E-Commerce

Originally From: Great Neck, NY/Boca Raton, FL.

How long have you worked at Skiershop: 3 years.

Why Stowe? Well, besides being one of the best hills in the East and a super cool town to live in, this is where I learned to ski. I’ve been skiing Stowe since I was 4.

Ideal day on the hill? Ideal? When it’s a bluebird day, the snow is deep and untracked, and you don’t have to rush to get your turns.  When you get a day like that and you can just roll out with your crew and enjoy it.


Ski – Kastle MX108, Rossignol S3, Surface Live Life Skullcandy, Head iGS RD…and a few more pairs…don’t tell my wife.

Bindings – Head Mojo 15’s, Marker Barons and a bunch of Marker Comps.

Boots – Salomon X3 RC CS.

Outerwear – Scott Cascadia Jacket & Scott Enumclaw Pants.

Goggles – Scott Fix.

Summertime activity and tool of choice? Well, I’m the roadie of the Skiershop crew. My main ride is a Dura-Ace equipped Specialized.

Best day ever? That’s a hard one. The day that sticks out was a powder day at Mt. Hutt in New Zealand.  It wasn’t super deep, but I was on my own putting lines down one next to the other. There was so much snow that I almost skied way past the resort base a few times.  Those were some of the best turns I can remember.

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SIA Part 1

Words: Erme Catino
Photos: Mike Thomas

The annual SIA trade show has come and gone leaving in its wake an empty convention center and a lot of empty beer cans.  Rather than loading a whole bunch of photos at once, we’re going to put up a few posts on Raise The Bar of vendors that we’re stoked on.  So take a look at some of next year’s gear!

Trew'ed up from the boot up!

Liberty Skis

Hugo Harrison and Kastle

Kastle Skis

Thumbs up for SIA 2011!

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Chris Davenport visits Stowe – Australis Premiere

Photos courtesy of Granite Films and Bobbie Roehm
Words: Erme Catino

A few weeks ago Skiershop and Stowe, VT welcomed pro-freeskier Chris Davenport and Kastle Skis for the screening of Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey and book signing of the self authored 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America.

Prior to the movie Chris spent some time at the shop and along with Kastle skis passed out free schwag, signed posters, and talked skiing over a few beers.

Australis was an exceptional documentary regarding the crew’s (Chris Davenport, Stian Hagen, and Andrea Binning) mission to ski the mountains of Antarctica.  Unlike other ski porn, not everyone has been to Antarctica to ski, and the region is practically untouched.  The film highlights their journey from South America via sailboat to the Antarctic Peninsula where they climb and ski lines that descend to the Antarctic Sea.

The cinematography is amazing, as well as the lines they ski (which weren’t always perfect corn).  From exposed shelf’s, classic couloirs, and open face AK style lines (The Sphinx), Davenport, Hagen, and Binning have opened the door of what is possible to ski at the end of the Earth.  This movie is a must see, and hopefully you will be able to catch the movie tour: Australis Film Tour!

It was super fun to have one of the legends in the freeskiing world kickin’ it at the shop, a big thanks to Chris, Kastle, and Stowe for making this happen.

Also, if you feel like tagging along with Davenport next year in Antarctica you can sign up for his guided trip: Antarctica Ski Camp November 2011

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