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Winter is BACK, come demo some skis.

Winter's back at the top of Vermont

MLK Weekend has signified a return to normal winter weather for Stowe. There are snowflakes in the short and extended forecast, so come try out some of the new generation of skis. The versatility of modern all-mountain skis is off the charts good, the lines between firm snow capable and soft snow fun have been erased, you can buy one ski that will put a smile on your face 95% of the time. We have demos from: Blizzard, Head, Liberty, Nordica, Kastle and Stockli.

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Colby West Kastle Video is one of the top international dealers of Kastle Skis, so we were pretty pumped when Colby James West signed on with the company. Here’s a video Kastle released of Colby sessioning a huge jump at Alyeska ski resort, filmed by MSP in April 2011. And if you are looking for one of Colby’s signature Kastles, then check them out HERE.

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FOR SALE Colby James West Skis

Earlier this week our friends at Powder Magazine dropped a press release regarding the launch of Kästle’s new twin tip line developed with Colby James West.

Currently has all three models in stock and ready for purchase! Check out the video to learn more about the skis, and click on the links below to get your hands on the 2013 Kästle Colby J. West pro-models.

The designated twin tip line comes in three different models:

XX80 Colby 

XX90 James

XX110 West

Still have questions… Give us a call: 1-800-996-8398.


Dealer Preview| Kastle skis

Words: Erme Catino

Re-emerging in 2007, Austrian based Kastle skis have been rebranding themselves through high end freeride and carving based skis. This year Kastle returns with 3 Pro-Models (Hugo, Davenport, and Griffin Post – not a bad lineup), and a new LX line.

As in years past, will be carrying much of the Kastle line. Kastle produces an array of skis, and their way of naming the different skis may seem simple but can be a lot to take in… hopefully this dealer review will help you shop around the Kastle brand and see some of the highlights for this year. And don’t forget that if you buy any pair of skis from by November 30, 2010, you will be entered to win a season’s pass at your home mountain, see official rules on the site.
On to Kastle…

FX 94: 128-94-117 Sizes: (166cm, 176cm, 186cm).
The Chris Davenport Pro Model – features a light ash/poplar wood core, Double Hollowtech (the unique tip and tail on Kastle skis, which reduces weight and vibration), sandwich construction, two layers of titanium, and a rounded tail plus tail hook for skins. This ski is light enough for long backcountry tours but is stable enough for charging. The FX line also comes in an FX 74 and FX 84 model.


MX 98: 126-98-116 (158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 188cm)
The Griffin Post Pro Model – features an ash/silver fir wood core, Double Hollowtech, Early rise in the tip, Low-camber technology, and sandwich construction. Changed from previous versions, this years MX 98 fits the bill as Kastle’s all mountain one ski quiver. By removing the metal and adding Early rise and a dual radius, the ski drives likes older models, but provides for a much more forgiving ride.

MX 108: 132-108-122 Sizes: (177cm, 187cm, 195cm – you better point it!)
The Hugo Harrison Pro Model, though it has undergone some changes this is still their burliest ski. The MX 108 features a beech/poplar wood core, Double Hollowtech, and sandwich construction, but features a new Early rise tip, dual radius, and Low camber technology which makes this ski way more versatile than its predecessors.

In addition to the Pro Models featured in the MX skis, the MX line also features skis such as the MX70, MX78, and MX88 – so if you are looking for a freeride Kastle stick there are plenty of options.

If laying arc’s is your game you can also check out the RX and LX series.

RX- Let’s keep this simple, this is the race line; Serious edge grip and stability for on-piste performance.

This line comes in a Slalom version titled RXSL and a RX12.

RXSL Dimensions: 121–68–100mm, sizes 156,166 cm

RX12 Dimensions: 118–70–100 mm, sizes 152, 160, 168, 176, 184cm

LX72 and LX82 – The LX line is new for 2011. It features a titanium laminate ski with tapered sidewalls. The LX model has either a 72mm, or 82mm waist and can come in various lengths ranging from 146cm-180cm. According to Kastle, this ski provides really light construction, and a smooth ride that is more forgiving than the burlier models. is proud to offer Kastle skis.

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