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2014 SIA SnowShow Denver, CO

The Snow Sports Industry of America is gathered in Denver Colorado to show off what will soon become next season’s hottest gear. This is when ski shops around the country start to get a full picture of what trends are emerging in the snow sports world, what colors are hot, what ski technology is new and exciting, what product Glenn Plake is endorsing…

day one is over, day two is just about to start. Here are some shots of next years hard goods, boots, bindings and skis.

Doug Lewis Get’s the crowd pumped for Sochi

DPS, best looking booth again this year.

DPS Spoon Technology


Stockli Stormrider Series

Stockli Y Series and new Vario

Stockli frontside

Head Libra Women's line

Jeff and Julia discuss Supershapes

Head Freeride skis

Kastle Freestyle

Kastle MX Series

kastle FX Series

There is a lot more still to come… as soon as I have free time I’ll continue posting.

… and more:

Rossignol's 7 Series returns... yup, still awesome.

Rossignol's Experience Series gets reworked with technology from the 7 Series. All-Mountain with a touch more freeride for next season, new widths, new rocker profiles, hollow tips... their all new skis.Rossignol's Freestyle line.

Rossignol bindings, new dayglo colors and some cool new technology.

Blizzard, the bulls are still running at the front of the freeski herd. Some subdued new graphics and a couple new models. Why mess with success?

The new Tecnica Cochise boots. lots of new technology in these puppies.


New Volkl Mantra

Volkl 2015

Volkl is expanding their carbon footprint... light weight is very hip for 2015

Faction, looking good for next season

Faction Candide series, super clean

RMU is adding fiber to their diet, the new Carbon Apostle, under 8lbs per pair.

RMU has something special for us 'Right Coasters', the ski to the left is called the 802, you guessed it, designed for hard charging east coasters.

Nordica's Freeski line up, the graphics have been muted a bit... probably a good call.

Nordica has done a full redisgn on their all mountain skis, NRGy will be taking on the Blizzard Brahma and Bonafide. The consumer is sure to win in this battle.

Nordica's Michael Martini educating Jeff on 2015 product

Dalbello Lupo, Sean Petite's Pro Model returns



Freestyle skiers get the KR2 treatment in the new Il Moro, look for these next week in Sochi on the feet of park and pipe skiers


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High Fives Foundation – Skiing With Steve Wallace Season Finale

Our friends at High Fives Foundation just sent us the final installment of Skiing With Steve Wallace presented by Marker/Volkl and Porters Tahoe.  In this final episode Steve visits Mammoth with Roy and also checks out some hilarious people watching, enjoy the video!  - Erme

Lastly, if you are still wondering what High Fives Foundation is, or are looking to donate, take a look at the below video and help out their great cause:​join.html#donate



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Skiing With Steve Wallace 4

Video: High Fives Foundation

In this episode of Skiing with Steve Wallace, presented by Volkl Skis, Marker Bindings, and Porters Tahoe, Steve heads to TRAINS at Alpine Meadows and then shreds powder with Landon McGauley at Sugarbowl… High Five!  – Erme

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Skiershop Staff Profile – Jeff Siegel – Director of E-Commerce

The crew has skiing on the mind 24/7, though in the summer they may put a bike to good use too! Each member of our staff is committed to getting you stoked on skiing and equipped with the gear to do so. Here is a little bit of information about the staff so you can see what gear they use and why… – Erme

Jeffrey Siegel, Director of E-Commerce

Originally From: Great Neck, NY/Boca Raton, FL.

How long have you worked at Skiershop: 3 years.

Why Stowe? Well, besides being one of the best hills in the East and a super cool town to live in, this is where I learned to ski. I’ve been skiing Stowe since I was 4.

Ideal day on the hill? Ideal? When it’s a bluebird day, the snow is deep and untracked, and you don’t have to rush to get your turns.  When you get a day like that and you can just roll out with your crew and enjoy it.


Ski – Kastle MX108, Rossignol S3, Surface Live Life Skullcandy, Head iGS RD…and a few more pairs…don’t tell my wife.

Bindings – Head Mojo 15’s, Marker Barons and a bunch of Marker Comps.

Boots – Salomon X3 RC CS.

Outerwear – Scott Cascadia Jacket & Scott Enumclaw Pants.

Goggles – Scott Fix.

Summertime activity and tool of choice? Well, I’m the roadie of the Skiershop crew. My main ride is a Dura-Ace equipped Specialized.

Best day ever? That’s a hard one. The day that sticks out was a powder day at Mt. Hutt in New Zealand.  It wasn’t super deep, but I was on my own putting lines down one next to the other. There was so much snow that I almost skied way past the resort base a few times.  Those were some of the best turns I can remember.

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Skiershop Staff Profile – Jeff Neagle – Sales, Service & Jib Ninja

The crew has skiing on the mind 24/7, though in the summer they may put a bike to good use too!  Each member of our staff is committed to getting you stoked on skiing and equipped with the gear to do so.  Here is a little bit of information about the staff so you can see what gear they use and why. – Erme

Jeff Neagle – Sales & Service

Originally From: Cumberland, ME.

How long have you worked at Skiershop: A year and a half.

Why Stowe? I like the vibe on the East Coast, and Stowe has the most to offer out of anywhere I’ve skied on this side of the country.

Ideal day on the hill? I’ll probably take some heat from my fellow employees on this one, but in my opinion nothing beats a 50 degree sunny park day…Oh and there can’t be any wind.


Ski – Boone Park/Freeride/Pow

Bindings – Rossi FKS 18/Marker Jester

Boots – Nordica Dead Money

Outerwear – First Drop/Outdoor Technology

Goggles – Electric EG1s

Best day ever? Either the first day I landed a cork 7 or the first time I landed a dub.

Summertime activity and tool of choice?: Mountain Biking – Giant Reign 1.

Favorite Stowe après location? Piecasso.

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High Fives Trains

Video: High Fives Foundation
Words: Erme Catino

In case you missed it, our friends at High Fives Foundation just wrapped up their 4th annual “Trains” – a invitational slopestyle event/fundraiser held at Alpine Meadows, CA.  According to Roy Tuscany this was the best Trains ever, and from the looks of the video it seemed like a great time!

High Fives Foundation is a Tahoe-based 501.c.3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for athletes who have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community.  For more information visit

For a full recap of the event head over to Powder Magazine.

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Marker Bindings – Reincarnated by the Duke

Hucking on Dukes

Photo Courtesy of Tecnica
Words: Erme Catino

In 2006-2007 Marker silenced the freeskiing community’s bashing of their bindings with their coveted release of the Duke and Jester.  Previous to this, many freeskiers wouldn’t have been caught dead on Markers.  So here we are in 2010/2011 with Marker building upon their reemergence in the freesking realm, developing new bindings that don’t suck, and amassing an impressive pro-team.  Skiershop is psyched to again feature Marker freeskiing bindings in the shop – check out what is new for 2010/2011.

Marker Duke – $449.99
A burly binding with Alpine Touring Capabilities, The Duke changed the game for hard charging skiers looking for a touring binding that wasn’t a slipper. While it may be a bit heavy for the Haute Route, it is fine for day and extended day tours since going down is the fun part anyway.  The Duke features a 6-16 DIN, metal construction, power width design for fat skis, low neutral stance (34mm stand height), shortest frame among all AT bindings, and a wide brake.  For the weight conscious skier this binding weighs 2,600g/per pair.

Marker Baron – $379.95
The Baron is the lighter less burly version of the Duke.The Baron has a 4-12 DIN, and slightly less metal in components combined with all the features of the Duke.  This binding weighs 2,450g/per pair.

Marker F12 Tour – $429.99
The F12 Tour is new for 2010/2011, and is Marker’s answer to the lighter AT binding market.  While the Duke and Baron can slay inbounds terrain with ease, the F12 is more of a touring binding. Weighing in at approximately 1,685g/per pair the F12 features the same 34mm stack height, a new light weight Triple Pivot Compact toe and Hollow Linkage heel, and a DIN from 4-12.  It is a great lightweight option without the fear of slipping into touring mode, since it features the same touring function as the Duke and Baron.

Marker Jester – $339.99
Take the touring capability out of the Duke, and replace the 34mm stack height with only 19mm, and you have the Jester.  A 6-16 DIN, metal construction, wide brake, centralized swing weight (ideal for jibbers), and power width design for fat skis – the Jester has you covered. (1,890g/per pair)

Marker Griffon – $229.99
The Griffon (1,790g/per pair) is the Jester’s lighter brother.  The Griffon features a 4-12 DIN, and slightly less metal in construction with all the great features of the Jester.

Marker Squire – $189.99
The Squire is another new addition from Marker for 2010/2011.  This binding also features a 19mm stack height, a 3-11 DIN, and light weight Triple Pivot Compact toe and Hollow Linkage heel.  The binding weighs in at 1,530g/per pair, and comes in two colors black/green or white/black.

As always feel free to Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398).

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New Season, new gear to salivate over…

Words/Image: Steve Boisvert

Well, you won’t so much salivate over the gear itself as you will all over your keyboard. Our beloved ski companies are finally launching their 2011 sites chock full of all the new goody-bits and the accompanying specs/measurements/hype, etc.

Check out Volkl, Marker, and Rossignol for their freshy-new websites where, in most cases, this social networking thing has gotten a bit absurd. Click straight for the gear to get some good old fashioned pictures of cool stuff that you want for Christmas, Birthdays, future graduations, significant accomplishments, or anything that you feel warrants new ski gear. As always, check us out once you nail down what it is you need and we will be sure to help you get the best deal possible.

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