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2014 Gear Arriving Daily!

Howdy Skiers!

We’ve had some unbelievable autumn weather recently!  Perfect for a few final laps on the mountain bike, some fall foliage hiking, or seasonable beverage consumption.  Whatever your activity of choice, one thing is for sure, winter is on the way!

As we begin to transition our physical store from a mountain bike shop to a full on ski shop new product will be arriving at our door every day!  So far we’ve already received some awesome new gear from some of our favorite brands including, but not limited to, Blizzard, Tecnica, Dalbello, and Nordica!  Our boot and ski wall is already starting to fill up with some of the most popular products of 2014.  A lot of the gear that just arrived (most notably Blizzard and Dalbello) sold out very early in the 2012/13 ski season, so don’t wait to snag your new gear!

The boot wall is growing!


2014 Nordica Skis


2014 Blizzard Skis

One of the most exciting pieces of news at Skiershop this season is our ski boot selection is almost TWICE the size of last year.  We spent a lot of time and effort hand picking our boot selection this season to ensure we have every type of skier and every type of foot completely covered.  The last piece of the puzzle (our final Dalbello shipment) just arrived, so stop on by and check out our full selection of ski boots!  Won’t be in Stowe anytime soon?  No problem, you can browse our selection right from the comfort of your own home right here!

This coming week we have more exciting product scheduled to arrive.  We’re expecting to see Giro, Trew, Rossignol, Head, and more right around the corner!

See you soon, and remember to do those snow dances!

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Hi Kids Episode 2

The low snow prior to this week in Vermont hasn’t stopped Skiershop Team riders Jeff Neagle, Matt Goodson, and Ian Campbell from hitting the park. Check them out along with others in the latest Hi Kids episode.

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Skiershop Staff Profile – Jeff Neagle – Sales, Service & Jib Ninja

The crew has skiing on the mind 24/7, though in the summer they may put a bike to good use too!  Each member of our staff is committed to getting you stoked on skiing and equipped with the gear to do so.  Here is a little bit of information about the staff so you can see what gear they use and why. – Erme

Jeff Neagle – Sales & Service

Originally From: Cumberland, ME.

How long have you worked at Skiershop: A year and a half.

Why Stowe? I like the vibe on the East Coast, and Stowe has the most to offer out of anywhere I’ve skied on this side of the country.

Ideal day on the hill? I’ll probably take some heat from my fellow employees on this one, but in my opinion nothing beats a 50 degree sunny park day…Oh and there can’t be any wind.


Ski – Boone Park/Freeride/Pow

Bindings – Rossi FKS 18/Marker Jester

Boots – Nordica Dead Money

Outerwear – First Drop/Outdoor Technology

Goggles – Electric EG1s

Best day ever? Either the first day I landed a cork 7 or the first time I landed a dub.

Summertime activity and tool of choice?: Mountain Biking – Giant Reign 1.

Favorite Stowe après location? Piecasso.

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Skiershop Staff Profile – Mike Thomas – Buyer/Store Manager

The crew has skiing on the mind 24/7, though in the summer they may put a bike to good use too.  Each member of our staff is committed to getting you stoked on skiing and equipped with the gear to do so.  Here is a little bit of information about the staff so you can see what gear they use and why. – Erme

Mike Thomas Buyer/ Store Manager

Originally From: Auburn NH.

How long have you worked at Skiershop: 8 years.

Why Stowe? I like living in the East, Stowe is by far the best eastern ski area.

Ideal day on the hill? 10” of fresh during a storm cycle, clear skies, no crowds and no wind…or skiing during a big storm.


Ski – Nordica Girish

Bindings – Rossignol FKS 180

Boots – Lange RL1

Outerwear – Trew Pow-Funk Jacket and Eagle Pant

Goggles – Scott Fix

Best day ever? My next powder day.

Summertime activity and tool of choice? Mountain Biking – Intense Tracer VP.

Favorite music to listen to while skiing? I like loud fast music but don’t listen to tunes while skiing, I find it distracting without enhancing my enjoyment at all.

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Skiershop Staff Profile – Tim Pelletier – Buyer/Ebay Manager

The crew has skiing on the mind 24/7, though in the summer they may put a bike to good use too.  Each member of our staff is committed to getting you stoked on skiing and equipped with the gear to do so.  Here is a little bit of information about the staff so you can see what gear they use and why. -Erme

Tim Pelletier Buyer/eBay Manager

Originally From: Gardner, MA

How long have you worked at Skiershop: Almost 3 years.

Why Stowe? It is epic! There is a lot of side country and the runs carry a good pitch pretty much all the way to the bottom.

Ideal day on the hill? Fresh snow in the woods, come out near the bottom and hit a few rails before I get on the chair to do it again.

Skis – Armada JJ, Surface Double Time and Live Life

Bindings – Tyrolia Peak 18x

Boots – Nordica Ace of Spades

Outerwear – Orage

Goggles – Scott Fix

Best day ever? They all have an epic moment which makes it hard to pick just one. I have had days when the pow was super deep and untracked, bluebird park days, awesome views off the mountain be it cloud formations, endless visibility, or cool looking rime-ice on trees…The best are when these elements collide into one day.

Summertime activity and tool of choice? Mountain Biking! My tool of choice is the Intense Uzzi VP.

Favorite music to listen to while skiing? Anything motivating.

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Dealer Review| Nordica skis and boots

Words: Erme Catino

To keep with our dealer review trend, here’s Nordica in a nutshell: Nordica has been in existence since the late ‘30’s, and in 1963 they were the first company to apply the buckle fastening system to their ski boots –interesting fact. Now under the corporate wing of Technica, Nordica USA also produces skis in addition to their heralded boot lineup, and Skiershop will be carrying a variety of their models. Additionally, they also have the coldest name in the ski industry—Nordica–it just sounds chilly. No longer are we lacing up our ski boots and strapping on skinny skis; thank Nordica next time you use a buckle.

Let’s see what our rad New England neighbors headquartered just a stones-throw from us have to offer for 2010/2011.


Dead Money
Features: Flex 90-120, 100mm Last, Shock Eraser Technology, Quick Step 3 Piece Construction, and a Baggy Pant Holder.

This new park/pipe boot provides serious shock absorption with a 10% lighter design provided by the 3 buckle system. The Dead Money’s progressive flex gives a soft flex when landing tricks, but also stiffens up when more stress is applied to the cuff. Lastly, since no one wants to ruin their new steezy pants, the Dead Money has a clip on the back of the boot so you can clip in your oversized pants and not rip your new rags.


Features: Flex 110, 98mm Last, Vibram Sole, Shock Eraser Technology.

A new boot for Nordica this year, the Enforcer is aimed at big mountain freeriders. The Enforcer features a race fit with Shock Absorbing Technology to dampen cliff stomps, and also includes a Vibram sole to keep you from slipping on those rocky bootpacks. The boot also features a cushy liner to make it very comfortable.

Women’s Hot Rod 90
The Women’s Hot Rod 90 features a 90 Flex index with a 100mm Last. It has an adjustable cuff profile that fits a bit lower to avoid calf squeezing, Shock Eraser Technology, and a comfort fit heat-ready fur liner.

Women’s Hot Rod 70

The Women’s Hot Rod 70 features a 70 Flex index, with a medium-wide last, and also features the comfort fit heat-ready fur liner.

Women’s Cruise 55
The Nordica Women’s Cruise 55 features 55 Flex index with a wide last. It is a perfect soft boot option for those looking to cruise around with their kids, or for beginners/intermediates, and also features a comfort fit velvet heat-ready liner.

2010/2011 Skis

Ace of Spades: 113/86/113 (170cm, 177cm, 184cm)
The Ace of Spades is Nordica’s pipe and park slayer. With input from some of their top pros such as TJ Shiller, Justin Dorey, and new to the team Benedikt Mayr, the Ace of Spades will help you flip and spin into fame or maybe just help you score a date for the night. The ski features a true twin, wood core with a titanium layer, and a racing base.

Girish: 139/110/129 (185cm, 193cm)
The Girish got some much needed additions for its return this year and now features an Early Rise Tip. It also has a wood core with 2 sheets of metal, true camber underfoot, and a flat slightly rounded tail. The new early rise tip provides easy turn initiation and float while the flat tail and stability makes this a big mountain crusher.

Enforcer: 135/98/125 (169cm, 177cm, 185cm)
The Enforcer is the all mountain crusher of Nordica’s line. It features a wood core with two sheets of metal, Slow Rise Rocker Tip, and a flat tail with slight rounding for easier turn exiting. The soft tip combined with stability underfoot will have you charging all day without going to car to swap out for different skis.

Nemesis: 135/98/125 (161cm, 169cm, 177cm)
Nordica’s Nemesis, is the women’s version of the Enforcer. It follows from the same mold as the Enforcer, but with different core material. The Nemesis contains an I-Core which is two pieces of wood sandwiched around a synthetic layer of wood, making it 20% lighter. The ski features all the same aspects as the Enforcer making it a perfect one ski quiver for the ladies.

Hot Rod Ignitor CA: 123/76/107 (162cm, 170cm, 178cm)
The Hot Rod name says it all…this ski wants to drag race some big carves. It features Nordica’s I-Core and is a great intermediate/expert ski for carving up the mountain like your Thanksgiving Turkey.
Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBI:123/84/112 (170cm, 178cm)
A slightly wider version of Hot Rod Ignitor, the Jet Fuel XBI also utilizes Nordica’s I-Core and can rip up the whole mountain with the added versatility of an 84mm waist.

Women’s Mint XCT: 116/70/100 (152cm, 160cm)
Nordica’s Mint XCT is geared towards the intermediate/advanced skier. It is a carving ski that is also forgiving – so you won’t get launched into your turns as you figure out how to utilize the sidecut.

As always feel free to contact us: Ask an Expert, or call the shop (1-800-996-8398), and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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