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SGT: Carbon Offset Project

This just came in via our partners at SGT Argentina. Great job guys! – Erme

Via SGT:
We are not a “green” company – travel is one of the most carbon-intensive activities on Earth. That doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it, though. Here, SGT’s Ryan Dunfee and Wulcon Energy’s Martin Wainstein talk about SGT’s first carbon offset project, which used funds raised from clients and coaches of the SGT Argentina trip in 2010 to fund two solar kitchens and a heat-efficient stove for two villages in la Puna and Jujuy, two high-desert regions in Argentina with abundant sun but little to no access to electricity or heating. The mostly indigenous inhabitants must scour the terrain for shrubs to burn for heating and cooking, contributing to climate change while increasing local desertification. SGT’s first project, done in collaboration with the Ecoandina Foundation, will offset 150 tons of CO2 over the next 20 years. Want to learn more? Check out, and

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Ashley Maxfield FWT Chile

Skiershop Team Rider Ashley Maxfield just dropped a GoPro edit from her 5th place run at the Freeskiing World Tour Stop #2 in Ski Arpa, Chile. Nice work Ashley, way to send it! – Erme


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Skiers Cup Big Mountain Video Highlights

With Team Europe taking a commanding 6-2 lead in the big mountain competition, Team America has their work cut out for them in the backcountry slopestyle event. Here are the video highlights from the big mountain venue in Valle Nevado, Chile.  - Erme

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FWT Stop 2 Chilean Freesking Championships

Photos: Freeskiing World Tour / Keith Carlsen
Words: Erme Catino

The second stop of the Freeskiing World Tour just wrapped up yesterday at Ski Arpa, Chile.  Skiershop rider Ashley Maxfield finished 5th, narrowly missing the top three by a few tenths of a point.  Above is a photo of the top 5 women with Sole Diaz, Angel Collinson, and Crystal Wright taking the top three spots respectively.  Congrats Ashley!

In addition Lars Chickering-Ayers of Green Mountain Freeride won the men’s event!

For a full recap, check out the article at ESPN Freeskiing.

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SGT Argentina Contour Punta de Vista 1

The powder edits from our partners SGT Argentina keep coming in, and they keep getting better and better.  Here is one shot exclusively on a Contour GPS Camera.  It highlights the group’s travels from the states to the powder paradise of Bariloche, Argentina.  - Erme

Via SGT:

Follow the travels of the SGT crew as they make their annual migration from summer in the US to the beautiful, pow-choked slopes of Bariloche, Argentina for their SGT Argentina backcountry freeride operation. From buses to cars to planes and buses again, the sweet reward is the skiing at the end. Enjoy.​argentina

Shot exclusively on Contour GPS cameras -

Filmed and edited by Ryan Dunfee
Additional cinematography by Michelle Parker, Lucas Moore, Pete Connolly, and Garrett Russell.

Same video as:​stories/​punta-de-vista-1-planes-to-powder

Song: “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin

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Red Bull Powder Disorder Final Results *Updated Photos

Eduardo's - Photo Courtesy of FWT

Photos: Freeskiing World Tour
Words: Erme Catino

The Freeskiing World Tour (FWT) just wrapped up it’s first stop in Las Lenas, Argentina.  The Red Bull Powder Disorder was set to have two days of competition, though with howling winds and snow the competition was forced to award final results based on day one.

Skiershop team riders Louise Lintilhac finished 4th and Ashley Maxfield finished 8th.  Congrats ladies!

For a full recap of the event, check out ESPN Freeskiing and stay tuned for updates from the FWT Stop #2 – Chilean Freeskiing Champions, August 18-21.

**Updated 8/16

Yesterday we received a slew of photos from Dana Allen who was shooting the event in South America.  Below are a collection of photos of Ashley and Louise.


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SGT Argentina Session 1

This summer Skiershop and Raise The Bar partnered up with SGT Global Travel.  SGT provides life changing adventures throughout the world and in the summer host a backcountry ski camp in Bariloche, Argentina.  Here is a video recap of session 1, and as Garrett Russell says “oohhh magical!” – Erme

Via SGT:
Michelle Parker, “Sneaky” Pete Connolly, Garrett Russell, and Mauri Cambilla have been showing the skiers around some amazing terrain and snow during Session 1 here at SGT Argentina in Bariloche, Argentina. Spots still available in our Roxy Women’s Session and the Adult Sessions 5 & 6 – hit up​argentina.

Featuring the skiing of Michelle Parker, Mauri Cambilla, Garrett Russell, Rainer Benz, Lucas Blumenfeld, Noel Berry, Paul Deem, Lucas Moore, Peter Wentz, and Kate Stevenson.

Filmed and edited by Jon Conway, Andew Burns, and Garrett Russell.

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2010/2011 Prediction: We Will Get Pummelled with Snow

Words: Steve Boisvert

If you didn’t read the article from which my highly scientific argument is based upon, you should do that now. Now that you are enlightened, it is like holding the Farmer’s Almanac, only with a bit more science behind it–maybe.

With a solid foundation I am ecstatic to report that Cerro Catedral, Argentina has been devastated with snow, and more is in the forecast for the next six days. The on-the-ground (or snow) conditions according to South American Snow Sessions is that there is so much snow you can barely move. Without some fat sticks that is.

Mt. Hutt in New Zealand was just handed 3 feet of snow over the course of one weekend (August 7-8) as their base at the top crested 6 feet with even more in the forecast.

So get amped, and keep buffing those skis until you have blisters. It’s coming…

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South American Sustainability Projects From the guys at SASS

This vid is not exactly a high stoke value for getting out to the mountains so much as helping out the mountains. There are so many incredible organizations in on this project, they will all get a full mention later. Right now, these guys are doing some great sustainability work in South America helping locals and the planet as well. Check out the vid then check out all of those involved.

Beyond the enviro work, SASS is holding a giveaway for customers wanting badly to get out of the summer heat and into nipple-deep powder that includes goods from Dakine, Smith, Marker, and others so what better thing to do while we pine over movie trailers and stare longingly at the southern hemisphere than actually go there?

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