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Zeal Optics: Strap a speedometer to your face…really

Words: Erme Catino

Most skiers have seen it, Olympic Downhills – where the media coverage displays how fast the competitors are racing down the icy course, but when lapping the resort with your buddies wouldn’t it be cool to know what speeds you are traveling.

Enter Zeal Optics with their new for 2010 Transcend Goggle. It’s the worlds first GPS integrated – direct to eye communications goggle, and it can do way more than determine your speed. By partnering with Recon Instruments, Zeal has produced a goggle packed full of features that would make James Bond jealous. The helmet compatible goggle features a wide vision permanent anti-fog lens, and the Head Mounted Display System gives riders info on:

Vertical Odometer
Stopwatch/Chronos Mode
GPS – so you can map your day if you were out on a tour

The LCD display sits tucked in the bottom right corner of the goggle, so on the lift you can scroll through the options and view how far you sent the last hit or how fast you buzzed by the crowds. The goggle also has a USB connector so that you can import your data to a computer. Yes it seems a little like Robocop, and it is awesome.

The goggle’s suggested retail price is $350 for the SPX polarized lens, or $450 for the SPPX Polarized Photochromic lens. We will have a few of these on hand at, so give us a call if you are interested (1-800-996-8398) or check the site. And if speed is your game, but cash is tight – you can always determine who is the most badass in the bunch with a good old fashion Chinese downhill – just like in Hot Dog The Movie.

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